Shadowrun: Tower of the Scorpion

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« on: <10-26-19/1849:23> »
Some new fiction by Mel Odom dropped this week:

Shadowrun: Tower of the Scorpion


Rashida bint Tariq bin Feroze al-Nazari steals through the deadliest shadows in the world: Dubai, in the Caliphate of Arabia. In a merciless land policed by the Caliphate Guard, under a government that exacts harsh penalties against any shadowrunner, Rashida has to break into the Saqr Tower and get out with the intel she’s getting paid to retrieve.

Hired to steal a black op software package from Raqmu Enterprises, Rashida calls on her team of shadowrunners to help with the smash-and-grab. And this run isn’t just for the nuyen. The people behind Raqmu Enterprises killed Rashida’s family. Failure isn’t an option.

But death doesn’t scare Rashida. A Scorpion shaman, she fights for her life every day against the spirit that grants her the power to destroy her enemies, but ultimately seeks to consume her very essence. Amid the treacherous desert sands, Rashida must battle enemies within and without if she is going to survive…

Note: This purchase contains both the Kindle (.mobi) and ebook file versions of the story.




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Interesting - I'll have to pick this one up! Thanks for the heads up. ;)


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« Reply #2 on: <12-18-19/1606:55> »
Are there rules for Scorpion as a mentor spirit in 5E anywhere? I remember enjoying my Scorpion shaman character back in 2nd Ed...