[6E] Face Hacker Mage

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« on: <10-21-19/0444:55> »
This char is intended as a try out how good a "Jack of all Trades" works. If a group exists where everyone wants to play a "fighter" type this char could alone take all support roles. As long as no one else is Hacker, Face or Mage how high or low Dicepools are does not really matter.

I adjusted the char as was suggested with less negative qualities:
he now picks the Specilisations and flavor Skills later. After picking up some extra spells. Lost -2 Dicepool in face role. -2 Dicepool in conjuring and sorcery. The latter could result in a domino effect and the Increase Attribute Spell will be more often +3 than +4.

A Attributes 24
Body 5  Agility 6 Reaction 1  Strength 1 Willpower 5  Logic 5  Intuition 5 Charisma 8
Edge 1 Magic 6 Essence 6

B Skills 24
Cracking 5
Electronics 5
Engineering 3
Conjuring 6
Sorcery 5

C Race Elf 9 (5 in Magic 3 in Charisma, 1 in Agility)

D Magic 1

Increased Attribute
Increased Reflexes

Focused Concentration III (-36 Karma)
Mentor Spirit: Snake -10 Karma
Low Light Vision (Elf Racial)
Indebt -10 Karma
Distinctive Style:  an albino elf who wears white sunglasses and a white trench coat over a head-to-toe white suit. +6 Karma

E Ressources 8000Y (+50.000Y Indebt)

Deck: „Erika MCD-6“  24,750Y
Commlink Transys Avalon 8000Y
Trodes 70Y
 Programs: Signal Scrubber, Overclock 310Y

24.870Y left for Fake SINs, Lifestyle, Bike

Face role: Defaulting Influence and Con with 12 Charisma = 11 Dice (have to recast Spell during morning downtime maybe...)

Hacker role: Casting Logic and Intuition increase can result in dicepools of about ~ 16; Matrix Stats are (4 Sleaze, 3 Attack, 3 Data Processing, 1 Firewall)

Mage role: Conjuring Spirits with 12 Dice, so probably Force 5. Resisting drain with 17-21 Dice. Sorcery 11 Dice. Assening can be defaulted (since he has Astral Perception) with 4-8 Dice.

Things like Athletics, Perception etc has to use defaulting but that works together with Increase Attribute pretty well.

edit: rewrote it a little ^^ and had to rewrite what i deleted by accident
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« Reply #1 on: <10-21-19/0828:28> »
Two extreme/common allergies is...well I'd steer a player away from taking that, if they brought it to me as a GM. -6 to dice pools and taking damage every 30 seconds - under two common circumstances? Be ready to be out of play quickly.

Or are you basically relying on the GM not to trigger them most of the time?

I'd lose the '1' skills and possibly a number of the specializations in order to lose or significantly reduce the negative qualities.
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« Reply #2 on: <10-21-19/0832:57> »
I did not want to just take Impaired Attribute twice for 8*8 =64 Karma ... if the GM wants to kill any char he just needs to say so .... heart attack, meteor you name it ^^

Could save Karma too with less Specilisations and defaulting social skills. (As you edited in same idea ^^)


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« Reply #3 on: <10-21-19/0955:57> »
I did not want to just take Impaired Attribute twice for 8*8 =64 Karma ... if the GM wants to kill any char he just needs to say so .... heart attack, meteor you name it

Yeah, Impaired Attribute is another annoying powergamer schtick.  I dislike them both. But SR is an old school chargen-points-for-disads system, so I guess we're kinda stuck with this happening.


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« Reply #4 on: <10-27-19/1605:55> »
It might be more advantageous to go with an Aspected Magician (Sorcery) than a full magic user. Eases up the skill burden, frees up a little bit of Karma, et cetera.
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« Reply #5 on: <10-27-19/1701:41> »
For a one shot run yes aspected makes sense. More spells make the char more playable.

The fun part with the char i posted is: he can spend all his Karma on mage improvements all his Nuyen on Decker improvements and he will eventually be almost as good as a full specialist ...