[SR4] "Attacker firing from cover" penalty

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« on: <10-05-19/1331:43> »
I was looking at the attacker modifier from the SR4A book, and I'm not sure I get the "Attacker firing from cover" penalty. I mean, I get it, but why would anybody take it ?

Can't you just walk for no action and therefor couldn't you be in cover, say you take 2 steps out (exposing yourself), fire without penalty (since you didn't run and are no longer in cover) and then take 2 steps back (being back in cover) ? (and all that for a simple action since walking is totally free).
Or you can't break your movement during an single IP ?

On a related topic, say someone has a delayed action. Can he chose to act during another player action phase ?
e.g. : P1 is holding his action ; P2 fires from cover, then moves to another cover. Can P1 use his action to fire at P2 during P2's movement (and thus, P2 won't have cover bonus) ?
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