[SR5] Dwarf (Karmagen) MysAd W/nerfy house rule

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Okay, everyone, just hear me out:
So as to avoid any major issues, I'd offer this to a GM as an Aspected Spellcaster base, instead of just "no projection". So he's got the Sorcery spell group, can do astral perception, and has access to qi.
I'm thinking of him as a pseudo-face whose main aim is to caution against violence because he'll be scary when he has to do it.

Working Title: Mediator

Metatype: (50) Dwarf

Attributes: (295)
BOD: 4, AGI: 4, REA: 3(5), STR: 4, CHA: 6, INT: 3, LOG: 2, WIL: 6, EDG: 2, MAG: 6, QI: 4

Qualities: (25/25)
First Impression, Hawk Eye, Mentor Spirit (Bear), Quick Healer, Will to Live; Code of Honour (Warrior's Code), Phobia (Uncommon, Mild): Shedim, Reduced Sense (Hearing)

Active Skills: (191)
Assensing 5, Blades (Axes) 5, Con 3, Counterspelling 4, Etiquette 2, Gymnastics 3, Intimidation 3, Negotiation 2, Perception 1, Sneaking 3, Spellcasting 6

Knowledge Skills: (0)
English N, Or'zet 2, Sperethiel 2, Architecture 3, Magical Threats 1, Peacekeepers 2

Magic: (25, Shamanic Tradition)
Spells: Lightning Bolt, Stunbolt, Increase AGI, Increase CHA
Adept Powers: Authoritative Tone 2, Enhanced Accuracy (Blades) 1, Freefall 1, Improved Reflexes 2
Bound Foci: Weapon Focus 2, Sustaining Focus (Health) 4

Martial Arts: (7)
Kunst des Fechtens (Pouncing Dragon)

Equipment (53)
Combat Axe (Personalized Grip, Custom Look, Weapon Focus 2), Combat Knife (Personalized Grip), Armour Jacket (Nonconductive 4, Chemical Protection 4, Fireproof 4), Forearm Guards (Concealed Pocket, Biofiber Pocket), Custom Ballistics Mask (Micro-cam, Flare Comp, Gas Mask, Image Link, Micro-Transciever, Electrochromic, Trid Projecter - for a 3D roaring bear face to get that nifty shamanic mask!) Designer Cloak R3 (Electrochromic, Thermal Dampening 3), armour vest with no additions - his only socially acceptable armour.
Fake SIN R4, w/4 fake licenses, all R4, Silver & Standard credstick, Fake SIN R3 w/ 2 fake licenses, all R3, 10 plastic restraints, Transys Avalon R6, smartwig w/trode net, AR gloves, biomonitor, 2 stim patches, R4, 2 trauma patches, 2 doses of psyche, climbing gear, an infrared flashlight, 20 reagents, Magical Lodge stuff R6, earbuds R2 w/audio enhancement R2, monocle R2 w/image link & Flare Comp, backpack (nice), 2 months of Medium lifestyle, Horizon Double-Revolution w/morphing license plate, spoof chips & valkryie module

Starting Contacts: (0)
Talismonger, Fixer, Political Activist, Parabotanist (Connection/Loyalty TBD, maybe one of them is his SO)

Basically, he shows up with Increase CHA on him unless the meet stipulates "No Magic", and offers, at other times, Increase AGI on someone else, maintained through the focus, or on him if nobody wants it. He likes to intimidate people by climbing up on tall things, partially so, when he or an ally gets hurt, he begins his furious outrage by leaping at the jerk who took a shot at him/his ally, swinging his axe down. His backstory involves an Awakening around party-filled university days, too much trid, and a stalwart belief that wanton cruelty is far too widespread these days. While he can be subtle, he's no assassin, and he's mildly paranoid about astral projection, in case there's a shedu around who decides to possess you while you're away.
(EDIT) He doesn't describe himself as "Bear Shaman"; he's a magic defender who defends who/whatever currently needs defending. He talks to protective spirits in his dreams, some of whom look sort of like bears, who wants to protect the environment, the SINless, his allies, whoever has the body he's guarding, but he's still prone to losing it when nobody will listen to reason.
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