Augmentations Have No Max Rating From Availbility?

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« on: <09-11-19/2116:56> »
Can someone explain to me why augmentations that had availability caps before so you couldn't start out with Wired Reflexes at the highest level are now gone in Shadowrun Sixth World?  Is the availability listed under augmentation for each rating/level if there is more than one?

Shinobi Killfist

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Itís that way so you can start with the highest level. Look at how much a bump in wired reflexes costs. How many campaigns does saving that much nuyen ever happen. Thatís why.

Itís a good change. Iíd of preferred if they just ditched any availability limits at char gen.

Michael Chandra

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"We wanted to open up the toybox" said JM Hardy in an interview.
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