My Letter to CGL

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I am a huge fan of Shadowrun. I love the setting, and I love the underlying d6 dice pool mechanic. I especially love how Shadowrun handles magic. I believe it is the best Iíve seen in a TTRPG, and Iíve seen a lot of TTRPGs. However, after purchasing the Shadowrun: Sixth World Beginner Box and pre-ordering the core rulebook (along with the PDF) I can no longer say that I am a CGL customer. I donít care if anyone comments on this post or if it is soon deleted. I have to have my say.

The beginner box has great production value. I even did a positive unboxing video for my friends. I believed that everything looked good. Then I started reading. The mistakes are inexcusable. Iím not sure that I can run this as is. It is unacceptable that I would have to re-edit and house-rule an introductory game that I paid for.

Then I got the core rules on PDF, and my heart sank. This is unplayable as a game. There is no excuse for this kind of shoddy writing and editing Ė none. Other small companies that also rely on freelancers are able to publish quality rules with few mistakes and omissions. Heck, there are indie companies, with one or two staff, that have put out better products.

SR5 was a bit cumbersome (and full of errors), but we ploughed through it. Anarchy was good (amid more mistakes and editing), but it lacked the nuance that the sixth world merits. I got stoked when I heard that a sixth edition was in production and CGL was finally streamlining the rules. But now that the physical books will be shipping shortly Iíve lost that enthusiasm. I know that all Iím receiving is a bookend on my shelf, and itís not even worth cracking open.

And this is why Iím done with CGL. This isnít 1989 anymore. We have lots of choices when it comes to cyberpunk rpgs now, including all the past editions of Shadowrun. The best thing CGL can do with the IP is to sell it off to someone who will do the game the justice it deserves.



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« Reply #1 on: (19:21:01/09-11-19) »
You're doing the right thing.

DrivethruRPG is providing refunds, if that's where you bought it from.