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So you can combine commlinks/cyberjacks/cyberdecks to make a full persona, but not an RCC. So what is to stop a savvy tech player from using a cheap commlink and a cyberdeck to make a persona for hacking, and a a control rig and an RCC for controlling/piloting/jumping into drones/vehicles?

The way things sound they would all be on the same network, and one person would just have two distinct personas. And I can think of some fun bait-and-switch tactics for nuking hostile deckers with that setup...

the only real limit here is that you would only be able to have a single persona active, but otherwise yes you can run a double setup and swap between the two as needed ... and as ISP said in his post ... you can also the RCC technically at the same time for drone control but your persona (and therefore your matrix attributes) are limited ... or use a commlink or cyberjack plus a RCC and then your only limit is what programs the RCC can run

the basic concept was to provide a way for riggers specifically to be able to at least defend themselves from hackers and engage in matrix combat at least some what if need be, but not allow a full hybrid crossover super decker/rigger without significant investment

My two cents on this matter:
While I generally like the new Matrix rules, I really think that the space between Rigging and Hacking could use a bit more illumination, so I‘d be happy about any news and clarification on this matter, especially these kind of double-Setups of RCCs and Decks. I feel that Decker-Rigger Hybrids are quite common these days, since they both rely on the the same Attributes.

You mention the option to swap between RCCs and Decks. I assume that this means that you transfer your Persona (with a certain action?) from your deck to the RCC and vice-versa? Or do you have to log out (and reset OS, lose Access rights etc.) and relog on the other device each time? This can obviously make a huge difference.

On the other hand: Do you need to run your persona on the RCC anyways if you want to control the Drones its PAN? Or can you just run your Persona on the Deck for Hacking purposes and add an RCC to the Networks that is set up to „relay“ orders from
your deck-based persona to the drones? In this case, there would rarely be a need for swapping anyways (not that this is a bad thing. In fact, that‘s how I handled Decker/Rigger Hybrids so far in 5th Edition...)
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The idea of being able to use 4 Commlinks for 3/3/3/3 stats and being able to hack, or even a single commlink just by swapping its 3 with an 0, completely contradicts this quote:
Quote from: Devices p174
In game terms, the difference between a commlink
and a cyberdeck is that the cyberdeck possesses
the Matrix Attributes needed for hacking

No it doesn't, the same way as the statement "all rectangles are not squares" doesn't completely contradict the statement "all squares are rectangles."

Just because Cyberdecks are the only devices that possess Attack and Sleaze does not mean that a Persona can never have an Attack or a Sleaze attribute without a Cyberdeck.

I concede that Banshee did not intend it that way, however that doesn't translate to being able to move your Persona's Data Processing from a commlink to Attack, for example, as being non-RAI.

We have to wait to find out what RAI is after at least one round of Errata publishing.


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« Reply #92 on: <09-15-19/0948:03> »
Data Spike is now Attack-linked, by errata.
Thank you.

SR6 Core Rule Book Errata Aug 2019 p. 7 "p. 181, Data Spike"
Add the following second paragraph:
This action is linked to the Attack attribute.

Damage was also Attack/2 (which also seem to suggest that you need an Attack rating).

Maybe Spoof Command should be linked to Sleaze.
Maybe actions linked to attack or sleaze should only be allowed if you are currently using a cyberdeck or resonance.


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« Reply #93 on: <09-16-19/1414:17> »
Maybe Spoof Command should be linked to Sleaze.
Maybe actions linked to attack or sleaze should only be allowed if you are currently using a cyberdeck or resonance.

Spoof command has three different levels of access, outsider/user/admin, which practically means you can perform it without no prior action (like brute force, probe and backdoor I assume, or jacking-in a cable for the matter of access)
I stumbled upon a different thread where Banshee clarified this.

This confirms previous statement, PC can take control of a device which does not belong to them even if they are not deckers. Overall I think it makes sense and allows for great breadth of characters.