6e. Ramming speed.

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« on: <09-10-19/2016:37> »
Okay as I read the rule it’s a vehicle driving test vs vehicle or person defense test. The damage is 1/2 body of your vehicle rounded up + your speed interval.

1. Is it just speed interval or difference in speed interval?  Based on my reading I assume just speed interval but obviously a head on should do more damage than a side swipe. Still one easy rule has it’s advantages.

2. Do net hits do anything?  I don’t see it so I don’t think so but it seems odd.

3. Edit to add speed intervals. Is the 0-x your first interval or is the next one. Like a Harley has a interval of 30. If you are going 25 is it 0 or1. When you hit 30 does it change or is it at 31 it changes.

At first glance it seems to work pretty well it will have some odd points where a dodge scoot hits harder at 60mph than a night sky but for most vehicles it seems to comparatively work at my spot check.

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The question of whether it is interval 0 or 1 intrigues me. On the one hand, common sense says 1. On the other, characters can start with 0 edge... apples/oranges but it goes to the design mindset.