Is "No Future" Physical Copy through CGL Store Updated with 6e?

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« on: (17:18:10/09-04-19) »
I'm looking to purchase "No Future" through the CGL store because it comes with the physical book and the PDF. I am aware that "No Future" initially arrived for 5e and had information pertaining to that system, though it has been somewhat recently updated for 6e. Now that I am running 6e, I would like to purchase a physical copy of "No Future" with the 6e information in it, but I am unsure if the copy available through CGL is the edition that has this new, updated information.

Does anybody know if the copy that is available through CGL is the edition that has been updated with new information for 6e?

Michael Chandra

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« Reply #1 on: (17:29:53/09-04-19) »
Afaik there is no physical sr5 version.
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