[6e] Cat Shaman Art and Thematic Character

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« on: <08-30-19/1833:47> »
Have a player that will be making a character and she generally goes cat themed. Was thinking of having her role a Shaman with Mentor Spirit of Cat. Was trying to think of interesting ways could play up the Cat angle, including any existing female Shaman Art...unfortunately, google has been coming up dry on that part.

Also, thoughts on any Spirits that may fall in line thematically as cat shaped? Was thinking Spirit of Kin or Spirit of Beast, having it take a cat like form or shape. Also thinking of quality of Spirit Affinity Beast to go with it. Any other thoughts on how to make the theme work with 6e?

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If you roll back to 3e a lot do the spirits of things like earth in 5e might more be a spirit of the land or forest or field. So quite a few spirits could have cat like shapes without just making everything cat like a Fire cat.