5th Edition Weapon Spec - Sniper

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« on: <07-10-19/0935:23> »
I have the following character in Shadowrun Missions (recalling from memory, as my sheet isn't immediately available):
Body 3(5)
Agility 7(9)
Reaction 4(5)
Strength 3(5)
Willpower 4
Logic 2
Intuition 4
Charisma 4
Edge 2
Essence 1.8

Lifestyle: High

I primarily use the Ares sniper rifle, with the Predator V as her pistol of choice and an assault rifle (I cannot recall the model).  Carries a custom bow and trick arrows for those kinds of missions, as well as a kitana and a knife for up close.

Remembered qualities:
Agile Defender

Augmentations (all alphaware):
Cybereyes (Rating 4) - Vision Enhancement 3, Magnification, some other add-ons
Muscle Toning (Rating 2)
Muscle Augmentation (Rating 2)
Bone Lacing (Rating 2)
Move by Wire (Rating 1)

(I might be missing an augmentation or two due to lack of character sheet)

She has an assortment of skills (rank number left blank for ones I cannot remember how much I put into them):
Firearms 5 (Pistol, Longarms, Automatics)
Blades 5
Thrown Weapon 1
Archery 5
Intimidation 2
Negotiation 1
Sneaking 5
Pilot Ground Craft 1
Perception 5
Gymnastics 2 (Maybe)
Plus 3 Native American languages and Chinese

Primary mission armor is a Chameleon Suit with the "Predator Cloak" enhancement (don't recall the name, but it is in Run & Gun)
Uses a very nice suit and coat that grants +1 each to Social Pool (wireless) and Social Max but I don't recall the name.

I have about 54 karma unspent and 210k/220k in cash saved up.  Part of me is debating if it is worth leveling up due to being Shadowrun Missions and I don't know how much longer they'll be running 5th Edition, but on the flip side a part of me is considering a few paths.

1. We almost never have a Face in these missions, hence why I took some ranks in Negotiate.  I have been debating using my Karma to bump up Charisma, then get either ActiveSofts or skillwires to get the social skills up quickly.  I have also found I enjoy getting additional ways of RP'ing between the Intimidate and the Negotiate skills.

2. I'd like to improve my Initiative.  I know I can bump it up to Rating 2, then use it for the skill wires (would still need a jack).  Not sure if I can fit that into the money I currently have (getting the upgrade, the relevant rating jack and the skills for use).  If I go Alphaware for the Move-by-wire I know I'll be saving up for a while.  My main concern regarding essence is the effect it has on my Social max, so I know if I want to keep up the social skills my charisma is going to require constant boosting (which I don't mind honestly).

I wouldn't mind some suggestions, and if the opportunity presents itself I'll get my sheet and correct/update any spots I missed or got wrong.

What "cartography papers"?


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« Reply #1 on: <08-21-19/2216:05> »
After looking over your character, a lot of things do not jive. Maybe you should post the actual sheet stats instead of just from the top of your head. I can better comment after seeing it.


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« Reply #2 on: <08-21-19/2259:29> »
Actually have my character sheet, so here we go:
Body 3(5)
Agility 7(9)
Reaction 4(5)
Strength 3(5)
Willpower 5
Logic 2
Intuition 4
Charisma 4
Edge 2

Lifestyle: High (w/Shooting Range)

Firearms Group 5
Blades 5
Unarmed 3
Archery 3
Pilot Ground Craft 3
Tracking 5
Perception 5
Sneaking 5
Etiquette 1
Armorer 5
Throwing 1
Gymnastics 2
Intimidate 2
Climbing 2
Negotiate 1

Knowledge Skills:
Security Procedures 3
Safe Houses 3
Small Unit 2
Mega Corps 2

English (Native)
Cheyenne 1
Sioux 1
Navajo 1
Chinese 1
Japanese 1

Martial Arts: Firefight
* Close Quarter Firearms (Pistols)

Agile Defender
Will to Live (1)

Primary gear:
Ares Desert
Bow (Rating 6)
Ares Pred V

Chameleon Suit w/ Ruthenium Coating (rating 2)
Auctioneer Business Clothes
Argentum Coat
Gilly Suit (Urban)
Summit Dress
Summit Suit

Move-by-wire Rating 1 (Alpha)
Cybereyes Rating 4 (Alpha)
Muscle Augmentation 2  (alpha) (see above)
Bone Lacing 2 (alpha) (see above)
Muscle Toner 2 (alpha) (see above)

Karma: 118 (56 Unspent)
Nuyen: 220499 (+4500 in cred sticks)

My current thinking is this:
Longarms 6 & 7
Specialization: Sniper Rifles
Quality: Biocompatibility
Remove Move-By-Wire, install Wired Reflexes Rating 1
Active Skillwire - Negotiation (Rating 6)
Internal Router
Reaction Enhancers (Rating 3)
Nanotattoo (Rat 3)
Barrett Model 122
Jazz (3 doses - to help with initiative)
10 Ultrasound sensors (Rating 8)

I think that leaves me with about 49000 Nuyen and 13 Karma (factoring in time spent training)