[6WE] Decker prototype character

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Yeah the hosts are going to be interesting to see in play... mental theorycrafting only goes so far.

So obviously you want a bigger dice pool than the host is getting. Without exceptional attribute, that's generally going to be 15 dice without a specialization and 17 dice if specialization applies... before the +4 bonus dice cap.

Without a cheap "reroll all failures" option, yeah hosts get scarier at lower ratings than in 5e.  Still, if you're gaining a ton of edge (and I suspect deckers will need to be, at least in order to hack hosts) you can still do stupid edge tricks that aren't rerolling all failures.  Even if dice pools are similar, 1 or 2 edge should usually be enough to win opposed tests if the hosts' hits are rerolled.  And of course you could go in for the big 4 spend if your roll was just flat out sub-par.  Host hacking probably will end up being a game of NOT needing to spend 4 at a go, and generating enough edge that it meets or at leasts almost keeps up with expenditure.
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