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Lore Update 5th to 6th???


Hey guys. It's been a long time.

Now that 6th edition is coming out there a few things I was hoping you guys could update me on

Such as what happened to fast jack since 5th to 6th. I remember reading storm front and he left because of CFD. What happened with CFD near the end of 5th ed?

Is there a book like Stormfront I can read to update me all of this?

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
No Future and Streetpedia are the sourcebooks with 6th world edition lore (of course, in addition to the Beginner's Box and the Core Rulebook itself).

The upcoming 30 Nights sourcebook is going to be the first big plot book.

Edit: Of course there's also the teaser here but as a teaser, it doesn't really give any concrete details :D

The only thing of Fastjack we saw was that he's alive enough to have made a cure for CFD. One of many that came out at the same time.

My namesake was in Boston during the Lockdown (spotted by those that knew him in the meat, and AJ was given the coordinates to get the story to Jackpoint by "...a nice old man who called himself Just Jack." Since Miles was able to get cured, I'm fairly confident FJ was able to as well. It all depends on how much personality was retrieved, though. On the bright side, with being in the matrix for most of his adult life, I'm sure NetCat and crew were able to get some help from the Deep Resonance on that.


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