GM has some issues

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« Reply #15 on: (18:48:39/08-14-19) »
Sounds like he needs to be reminded that he's supposed to be playing with the players, not against the players. The first job of the GM is to ensure everyone has fun. I hope he's a better player than GM.
They usually are, since another GM will play with them and, with their "expert" knowledge, they become quite the rules lawyers that break everything so they "win".

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« Reply #16 on: (23:44:26/08-14-19) »
But he doesn't have CRB so he didn't read in that how he's supposed to GM. /s
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« Reply #17 on: (05:54:01/08-15-19) »
I can totally understand not wanting the headache of a rigger in your first game, but in that case, make that clear before the game starts. Banning a player access to their primary feature during play is just shitty.

If a GM won't be reasonable about this, get a better GM. Mind you, a GM who has the trust of the players can go a long way with limiting characters' access to their gear or other features because the players trust them to make it work for this adventure. Sometimes the plot requires something like that, and that's fine. But screwing a player for poor reasons is a quick way to lose that trust.