SR6 Hacking Guns

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Threshold 1, no? Page 247?

Eh I was going by memory. Yes, that's right. And for those worrying about BEING hacked: outside of combat when you don't have to get it done in a fraction of a 3 second combat turn, there's no test to toggle a device wireless off.

@why don't runners just run wireless off to begin with: Because wireless bonuses aren't a paltry +1 or +2 dice bonus any more.  They tend to be edge gains or action rebates.  Those are rather valuable effects.

@2 majors for a hacker: Easy peasy lemon squeezy to do.  Just being in Hotsim gives you 1 major and 4 minors. You can turn those 4 minors into a second major as you please, round by round.

@matrix damage penalties: Yes, this is a thing! In 5e matrix damage was like hitpoints in D&D... so long as you have at least 1 left you suffer no detriments.  Matrix condition monitors now work like other monitors with respect to damage... even if your first data spike doesn't brick the gun, so long as you did at least 3 damage after soaking you're imposing a damage penalty on the NPC's use of that gun.

This is kind of amazing. Honestly, this post has given me another, "Things they did right this time" entry. Is nice to have with all the negativity form folks. Feels like they put effort into making Hackers truly valuable in combat, especially if wireless bonuses are as valuable as you mentioned. That + the Matrix Damage lowering effectiveness of a weapon is pretty Wiz. Hot Simmed, it seems pretty easy to max out Actions, where you should hit the 2 Major 2 Minor (if I remember the hypothetical limit correctly, given that you get 1 Major and 1 Minor by default, then max of +5 Minor from Initiative Die, with getting the first +1 automatically from your initial Initiative Die)