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So has the release of the core book been pushed back?

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Hi all, still a bit new out here but just wanted to ask the question about the core book. Most sites that have it up for pre sale still seem to say the 15th but some of the posts Iíve read out here say otherwise. Iím not seeing anything official from any part of the main site though. Just wondering if anyone has any clarity about it.

Michael Chandra:
There was talk during GenCon about physical release in October and PDF release a bit before then. Don't know the exact details.

I believe the PDF was supposed to be one month before the release of the physical book.

So if their release schedule holds, though I'm not confident in that at this point, then this will be the first edition in which the GM Screen drops before the physical book.

If the core book is pushed back, I would expect the majority of the other products to be pushed out accordingly or, best case, they all release concurrently.


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