SR6e's caseless/cased ammo & RFID tracking thing

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« Reply #75 on: <09-01-19/0958:56> »
About the only reason I can think to not erase it is in a very black trench coat campaign where you are disguised as security and you need to make sure even your ammos rfid tags match your disguise because they do check to that level of detail.


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I also like the idea of using it as a plot point (“your mission is to steal ammo from Corp X and then use it to do <something> so we can obfuscate who did it”).


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This bit also makes me wonder if looting ammo was ever an endemic problem. It could certainly stop people from pausing their violent exfiltration in order to go through corpsec's pockets, but I don't know if that happened often in Missions play or something.
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« Reply #78 on: <09-02-19/0207:59> »
I know I once stole armor and had its ownership changed in SRM. Because chemical-sealed FBA was impossible to get at that time. But I never saw the need to steal ammo, especially since I used sniper rifles, not automatics.
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