6E Toxins

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So, does a toxin repeatedly apply damage over it's duration? If so, Tear Gas, Power 8, which applies Stun Damage, Nausea, and Dazed, with a minimum of 5 minute Duration regardless of Bod, would at worst case do 8S damage per combat round for 10 Rounds before they could do another Toxin Resistance test...that seems crazy OP.

Also, for drugs, is Power only used when using Drugs as a weapon? Do you have to do a Toxin Resistance test on drugs too? Otherwise, not sure what Power does for it.
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Power of a drug would in my view apply to Antidote spell. And I believe drugs should not have a resistance test but I put out the question all the same.

Duration is phrased weirdly but how I read it each of them hit once but if you get hit again within the duration the power goes up. However constant exposure like a cloud only hits again after half a minute. So that tear gas hits at Power X in CT 1, X+1 in CT 11, etc.
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