SR5 Face adept / gunslinger creation

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« on: <07-31-19/0947:34> »

Im looking for some help in creating face adept, partial shapeshifter and gunslinger. He prefer oral or backdoor solution before lead in to skull.

What Im thinking is:
face - talker, negotiator, con artist etc.
shapeshifter - master of disguise
gunslinger - dual wield heavy pistols (this role is secondary but we have combat mage who is most of time in stun and other character without enchanced inciative and average gun skill so this will be second most combat character)

My idea is Dryad with

Negative qualities:
Lightweight (like unpoluted area so she cant be resisted to toxins etc. like others) -6
Striking skin pigmentation (olive green) -4
Favoured (Dryads) -3
Totaly -13

Positive qualities:
Ambidextrous 4

Totaly 4

Now im hesitated about adept powers, positive qualities, mentors, adept ways etc. and priority table as well.

Thank you for creative suggestion :)