My player is too fast! What can I do?

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I'd say let him run. If he wants to abandon the rest of the group, run the encounters with just the rest of the group. Even with his high speed, it'd be smarter for him to hang around but use his superior speed to provide support for the rest of the team while they're busy running all-out.


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I typically run Missions, so I'm not allowed to house rule.  I deal with the b0rk3n movement buffs via the method I suggested: acknowledge that yes you can go that fast (potentially supersonic, if you add in critter movement power)... when you're on the bonneville salt flats.  Or perhaps running laps at the Indianapolis Speedway.

But you're indoors? I'm giving you this cap.  That's all you get.  You waste too much of that "movement" accelerating, decelerating, and focusing on not slamming into things to go any further than X meters this round.

And X is ostensibly based on the terrain factors, but let's be real.  There's a large amount of arbitrary decision making in there too in order to keep the game flowing rather than get bogged down into quibbling over numbers.  Missions have a timeline to stick to, too.

I totally agree with the above.

But to give another IC reason for the street sam to stay: if he does a runner and the rest of the team gets killed or captured, he should get notoriety and loads of it.  People won't do business with a guy who screws his team over.  Tell him OOC that this is a possible consequence of him leaving his team behind and then let him make the decision.
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