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No Future 6e version errata


So the version of No Future that was on Drive thru was replaced with a 6e version.

Major issues: The augments AutoVoice and Vocal expansion both augment the player's limit which, to my knowledge, doesn't exist.

Minor issue: The AutoVoice is called AudioTune in the statbox below the text.

I'll update if I see anything else.

Page 156, in the "Instruments of Death" description, there's a reference to the 5e book left over from before everything was changed to 6e (although it has the 6e attack rating listed correctly just a few words later):

--- Quote ---Treat each weapon as the SR5 equivalent (p. 442-45) but with 1 Attack Rating at all ranges (to a minimum of 0) due to the
awkward design.
--- End quote ---

Stolen Gear still lists the maximum cash gained as 150K despite the karma cost going to 20...


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