Missions vs Home Games

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« on: (19:23:06/07-10-19) »
To my group and I, a lot of what is quoted as reason for the changes in 6th from 5th are Mission issues.
Most of these can be easily fixed in a home game or never come up in the first place.

While I feel that Organized Play games like Missions, are great for players that can't find a local game.
I don't like how this has become the norm and dictated the game structure for multiple games in recent years.

An example of this in another media would be EA's online gaming emphases with its sports game.
I uses to play NHL a lot, but I played it offline, yet all the game mechanics were geared towards online play.
This lead to goalies being almost completely unplayable in the "be a pro" mode offline play.
The reason for this was if they didn't it would make them overpowered in the online mode.
So why do I an offline player have to suffer so online players can have a better game?

I see the same thing happening in the tabletop RPG gaming industry nowadays.
A lot of these so called fixes are to stop issues that pop-up in the Missions community, yet rarely if ever hit the home games.
I hear players talk about 30 damage soak or mages starting with 26 magic soak and go why is this a thing when I never seen my players doing it.
The reason is, these are players that jump from game to game powergaming the system to be able to blast all the baddies and be the hero of that one shot mission.
Where my players are looking to form a ongoing group and have fun with each other, so they make interesting characters that are not one-trick-ponies to tell a story and not just to blast through the current mission. To me this seems like more of a problem with the Mission rule and not something that has to be corrected in the core rules.

I'm not say one is better then the other and groups should always play the way they want to play, but it really gets me upset when some newer playstyle starts to dictate how the game as a whole should be played and the powers-that-be design the game just to cater to that playstyle.

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« Reply #1 on: (22:39:45/07-10-19) »
Iím not sure it has anything to do with missions. Also things like the armor in 5e was wonky even without absurd tank builds. The norm was probably 18-24 dice. Armor jacket, mask, r body gets you to 18 dice. If you are a orc, troll, get some cheap BioWare Ianís it inflated past 18 fast.

They over corrected but there was a issue. Too much armor came with too high of a base DV which in setting made things like flesh wounds more of a function of taking crap tons of armor as opposed to where it hit. Certain guns were pretty much miss or death.

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« Reply #2 on: (23:05:26/07-10-19) »
Yeah, I wouldn't expect SRM drove any decisions made in the edition evolution from 5 to 6.
RPG mechanics exist to give structure and consistency to the game world, true, but at the end of the day, youíre fighting dragons with algebra and random number generators.