No free PDF version of the 6E Quick Start Rules?

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« on: (12:22:36/07-10-19) »
As announced, the Sixth World Beginner Box is on sale. You can get a PDF version for $10 from Drive Thru RPG or the Catalyst store.

Does that mean that there is no free PDF version of the Quick Start Rules? There were free versions of the QSR for 3E, 4E, and 5E. I understand that the Beginner Box includes some extras, like a poster and some cards, and that the character dossiers are more elaborate than the character sheets for the QSR of previous editions, but it seems like there should be a free version to help generate interest in the full version that will be available next month.


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« Reply #1 on: (12:54:36/07-10-19) »
The cynic in me would say, that that doesn't speak well about the confidence of the producers that their finished product will convince people to fork over 20$...
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My guess is it will go free when the core book is launched. Before that they will try to get money. Post that it will be pure advertising.