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Shinobi Killfist

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Did they add guardian spirits to the crb. That’s usually in the magic expansion book under the section like the old spirits but better section.


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Actually, you ALWAYS use Engineering + Logic for mounted weapons. Page 200. Non-mounted attacks are as normal.

Something else: We're currently debating page 39's augmented increase to skills. I believe it does not apply to dicepool modifiers but only to explicit skill rank modifiers (aka Reflex Recorder and Improved Ability), but opinions differ.

Yeah, this needs to be clarified...has some major implications either way it falls.


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Eh, not having to handle a commlink in a carchase sounds nice
Handle a commlink...?

Unless it changed in SR6, this is how you would normally interact with a wireless device in Shadowrun:

  • Interacting via touchscreen and buttons while looking at a display (similar to how people used to interact with their smartphones back in 2019, while still possible nobody really do this anymore)
  • Using AR gloves while looking at monitors in front of your eyes (contacts, glasses, goggles, cybereyes).
  • Wearing trodes (or implanting a datajack/cyberdeck/commlink/control rig) to let your brains interact directly without the need of external devices such as AR gloves and imaging devices. If you also have access to a sim module (cyberdeck, implanted control rig or commlink modded with a sim module) then you would even experience "super AR" (see, hear, touch, smell and taste) and you would also have the option to interact with devices via VR.