So Long & Thanks for all the Fish

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so poorly edited it was hard to follow
I feel these feelings. I'm happy with 5e overall, I think it has some good ideas and I certainly wouldn't go back to 2e (my previous version.) But I had to read the book cover to cover half a dozen times while constantly thinking "dang, did RPGs get hard since I last played 20 years ago? Or did I get real stupid?" I eventually came to conclusion that It's Not Me, It's You but it sure bruised my ego first.
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Sbame to see the old hands disappearing. I've been playing since 3e on and off and have gone with carbon 2185 instead of shadowrun 6e. Just not seeing the things I want fixed getting fixed here


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So long, chummer.

I have only been on the forums for a little while, but your commentary was always fun to read. Hopefully you'll be back someday...


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I've more lurked here than posted, but I've been around for a long time. I think first on ShadowRN, hiding under Gurth's stairs. I've been hoping that the issues with 5e were due to the sudden departure of writers and having substituting content. With 6e, I am still reserving judgement, but it seems to be 6e is Shadowrun's D&D 4e, potentially a good game if it was for a different franchise. I have been feeling out of place since the community division that followed the transition of Jason Hardy* after Rob Boyle.

Whatever the outcome, I'll be around, missing the days of Mike Mulvihill, Steve Kenson, Jon Szeto, Adam Jury, Rob Boyle, and Lady Jester, and so many more.

Good luck, Adzling.

*This isn't a criticism of Jason Hardy, but standing up two official forums in addition to Dumpshock was, in my opinion, a central part of the fragmenting the community.