4E Multipe armour enhancements on a single cyberlimb

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« on: <07-19-19/0225:15> »
So I noticed on chummer that you could add multiple enhancements on the same cyberlimb so I figured I'd play around a bit and see how high I could get. Maybe scar the gm (we're both new), once I got it to about 90/84 I started searching to see if this on fact was legal bit I could not find anything regarding limits to cybernetic enhancements other than capacity and essence. Am I looking in the wrong places or glanced over it maybe? Any help would be welcome. Also what is the cartography papers anti spam question?


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« Reply #1 on: <07-19-19/0803:03> »
Each Cyberlimb has a capacity rating that enhancements "fill up". For instance, a standard Cyberarm has a capacity of 15, so you'd only be able to add enhancements/accessories up to that limit, depending on the enh/acc's capacity value.

It's a the reverse of spam:maps.