[4E] Changling Magician

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« on: <07-04-19/0358:56> »
I'm looking to create a Mage, using a base metatype and the Changeling/SURGE rules. It would ideally be able to cover at least magical support and face roles. It would likely focus on things like detection magic and spirits, to scout out an area with astral projection and do some of the heavy lifting, respectively. And, if I can squeeze it in there some infiltration. Problem is, I'm having a lot of problems getting points together, and into a cohesive and functional character while staying within 400 BP. So, I could use some help putting it together.

I was thinking either Human or Elf for Metatype.
Magician Quality, and Mentor Spirit (Snake, or something similar)
Shinto or some other Charisma based tradition, something that has Plant Spirits, to pull some heavy lifting on counterspelling.
Charisma and Willpower would likely be a focus, and a decent Intuition, but everything else needs to be functional.
As far as SURGE goes I was thinking Changeling III, with either a plant/metahuman hybrid or reptilian/snake focus. Just something a little outside of the box, as far as normal metatypes.
Assensing, Perception, Counterspelling, Spellcasting, Binding, Summoning, Influence Skills, etc.

I've got most of the concept down, the numbers are just killing me.