LFG/players Calgary area Shadowrun

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« on: <06-30-19/1940:06> »
I'm looking for an RPG group in the Airdrie/Calgary area of Alberta
for shadowrun and other RPGs.
I also GM several RPGs with a couple other guys and am open to fun, mature players joining us.
We usually meet in North Calgary,


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« Reply #1 on: <07-03-19/2228:42> »
There is a group on Facebook called Calgary Shadowrunning where you may be able to drum up some players or a GM.

I am one of the CGL Demo agents for Calgary and we have been publicly running the Chicago Missions campaign though it is coming to the close of its arc in the next couple of months.

We meet at Ogre's Den Gaming Club on the first Saturday of the month with the next one being this Saturday if you find that sort of play to your liking.
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