Lazy Decker (Or Lazy Street Sam) (Or Lazy Rigger)

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Hi all, been a while since my last post here.  My group and I are going to play a short campaign this Summer, so we're putting together some new characters:

A Mystic Adept
A Brawler Adept
Undecided (me)

So, let's start off by describing what I'm after.  Thus far I've played a Shaman, a Technomancer, and an Ork Cyberface (built in this forum, so much fun).  I have loved all three of these characters, but I don't want to repeat any of those.  Ergo, it's either a Street Sam or a Decker.  And the character concept that I'm going for, is actually heavily based on my current favorite Indy wrestler:  Orange Cassidy (Do hit Youtube and watch some of his stuff, you'll be rolling on the floor laughing in short order).  Essentially, I want a Shadowrunner who's extremely competent, but doesn't want to do this stuff, and regularly displays the bare minimum effort (until shit hits the fan).  While this concept may not appeal to you, understand that my group is very silly, and we regularly abandon plans mid-way through a run for what we refer to as "The Goat Show" which can be summarized as a long running firefight, murdering important NPCs the GM intended for us to talk to later, and pulling "innocent" gangers into the crossfire for giggles.  So while you may not want to run with this guy (and no-one would blame you, at all), he very much fits what my group enjoys.

My first thought, of course, is a Decker.  A Decker could be lethargic on the outside, seemingly completely uninterested in what's going on in meatspace, only to be hiding his actual competency in the Matrix.  Bonus points would be if I could snag an Agent that could facilitate a lot of the prep work while I take a nap in the van.  Alternatively, it could be a Decker whose persona is just the Orange Cassidy wrestler, uninterested in engaging anything seriously and being really tricky.

Second thought is a Street Sam who just phones it in when he's in disguise or doing anything that's not fighting.  Just, "Yeah I guess I'm maintenance or something."  And then when asked too many questions, literally asking his team what to say next over his comm, in earshot of whoever he's talking to.

Third thought is a Rigger.  But go really light on the Rigging, have a single combat drone that does most of the fighting for him until things get serious, and then bust out a big heavy rifle and mow stuff down.

So my questions are the following:

1. Have any of you ever made a lazy Shadowrunner before, and if so, what and how did you do it?

2. Do any of these above options sound feasible for building around?  Do you have any ideas that I could build around?

I have the core rulebook and can get access to a couple of other things like Rigger 5.0, Run Faster, and Data Trails, but not much else.  I'd like to bounce ideas around for a bit, put something together, and then post it here for critique and improvements.