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We know one of the Kays is fake. We don't know which one. Maybe DeeCee is down.
Or maybe they're both real, just not in the same world. Maybe the barrier between this Earth and another very similar one has been weakened to the point that news stories and reports are leaking from one to the other.

I admit that one's pretty far out there, but I don't think it can be ruled out.

Or maybe Kay St. got dosed with Iaes (or something like it) and doesn't realize he lost several days worth of memories yet.

Any idea when the next one will be up?

For now I hope that the III Corps tentacle monster was just a coincidence or some cult taking advantage if all the blackouts. Apart from that everything else can be explained by the NULLs kicking everyone out of "their" matrix.

The description gives me a sort of cross between Insect Spirit and Toxic Spirit, like, what if a Toxic Shaman twigged on the Insect Shaman's ability to mount Spirits to victims?
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Streetpedia confirms there's three kinds of (lesser) Terrors. Don't recall if any match.
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