Favorite Non-Corp Johnsons?

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Moral compass? My players even object to getting paid twice.

Johnson 1: You need to rescue someone
Players: Sure
Johnson 2: That person you've been hired to rescue has a thing I need. Can you give it to me?
Players: Uhm, doesn't she own that thing?
Knight Errant: We'll pay you if you give us the guy who abducted her
Players: I'm not sure we want to be seen getting paid by KE. Can we do it for free?

Iím not sure your players really get SR. Most tables Iím at want double for walking and triple if it Evolves magic or the matrix.
I think they get it, but money is not the only priority to them. With KE, they were afraid that word would get out that they're on the side of the cops. Not good for career criminals.

Not wanting to steal from the person they're rescuing is kinda defensible if she'd notice the theft and might endanger their pay. It might be an honour among thieves thing. But we're going to finish this adventure this weekend, so we'll see what they're going to end up doing.


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I love to use free spirits; keep in mind that they can look like any metatype they want - or even a Johnson. I've been using one that took an interest in my team when they ran security for a high end Halloween party. They don't realize that they have been hired by various spirits that work for the original free spirit. Nice and twisty plot - just the way we like it.  ;D

Other non-corp johnsons:
 * Area Ghoul leader
 * Vampire(s)
 * Urban Brawl / Combat Biking team owner/producer
 * Seelie Court members / or other fae
 * Eccentric gabillionaire
 * Insect Hive - Queen or high level lackey (the runners don't always know who they are working for)
 * University Professor
 * Local Bar owner
 * Gang Leaders
 * Dragons through intermediaries
 * Shedim - One Master taking down a different Master, again runners may not realize what they are
 * Journalist looking for a story
 * Government officials
 * Local Security Firm
 * Mom and Pop business needs help against....
 * Retrieve missing teens/kids for a family(ies)
 * Cartographer wants help mapping the Deep Lacuna
 * Members from various NANs (okay they are basically corps...)
 * AI of various types
 * Mysterious Decker - only communicates through the matrix (could tie into AI above)
 * Local band wants help with a promotional stunt
 * Talismonger(s) want 'xyz' retrieved or reagents
 * Ex-Corp / wageslave has data to trade, but is new to shadows
 * Mad-scientist type - needs help tapping into area power grid - what could go wrong?