Gun for a support mage

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« on: <05-20-19/1739:22> »
So, a fast and simple question: which gun you consider the best suited for a mage that doesn't know much about guns (and so will desire to use lots of FA and suppression fire) to support the team when he needs to throw down lead, for whatever reason?

Generally I would prefer to spend those 2k nuyen on something more magical to help my magic, but the "carry a gun so they don't shoot you first" is a good rule in general, and given how Pistols are considered (correctly most of the time, in particular for mages that can't shoot that much and a single bullet every round will be useless) inferior to Automatics seem a better choice for the average mage.
What are the weapons considered suited for the role?

I liked the idea of the HVAR due to its 50 ammo clip (and therefore the ability to make suppression fire even two rounds if needed) and its built in recoil reduction, which can easily lead even a Str  1 mage to control it.
But also the Ares SIGMA is similar, and it requires just a 3 gas vent to become similar to the HVAR.
The HVAR tho has a longer range, being an AR rather than a SMG,which can be critical for a support mage given how a difference of 1 or 3 in the pool can make a difference.

Any opinion about these two or other weapons suited for the role?

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« Reply #1 on: <05-20-19/1820:08> »
I’d start with a machine pistol so you have a carry option. It’s kind of setting based. Some games you can openly carry a AR.


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« Reply #2 on: <05-20-19/1842:12> »
The best suppression weapon would be the AA-16 assault shotgun from Run & Gun. Fletchette suppressive fire is mean. With the recoil compensation options available any FA shotgun is really useful because even for a FA burst you reduce the opponents dodge pool by 8
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« Reply #3 on: <05-21-19/0018:47> »
Yeah, depending on the setting, you could even pick pistols so you can carry a perfectly legal taser. It'd even be helpful if drones pop up. But other than that, you could always get a Steyr TMP full of Stick & Shock and make suppressive fire with that. It's a machine pistol with FA, and it's Core. You probably won't have great aim, and it doesn't have any recoil compensation of its own, but if all you're planning to do with it is suppressive fire, that shouldn't be a problem.
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« Reply #4 on: <05-21-19/0027:38> »
I second the Auto-Assault. FA shotgun is delightfully scary.
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« Reply #5 on: <05-21-19/1212:13> »
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« Reply #6 on: <05-21-19/1215:06> »
I would say that ideally you want two automatics:
- a fairly concealable machine pistol with an 'R' availability code and FA firing mode (as mentioned the Steyr TMP is just fine.  If your group allows gear from the german books, there is a Glock machine pistol with ceramic components which is nice too).  This is what you carry around fairly regularly.  Gives a turn of suppression fire, is enough gun that people can't ignore it, won't raise too many eyebrows if you are found to be carrying it (don't forget the appropriate fake license(s)!)

- Something more serious, for when you are assaulting a facility or whatever.  Here you can look at your assault shotguns and so on, although even an SMG gives you better range and (sometimes) better ammo capacity than the machine pistol. 
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« Reply #7 on: <05-21-19/1220:26> »
Yeah ideally you’d cover the bases. For me my first choice is a carry gun. But if it’s a Chicago CZ game or something a autoshotgun might be a good first choice.


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« Reply #8 on: <05-21-19/1338:48> »
Keep it simple. Packing an AR around is tough. The old Ares crusader, gets the job done. I assume this is a home game and/or has nothing to do with neotokyo?
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« Reply #9 on: <05-22-19/0811:55> »
Honestly? Instead of a machine pistol and just spraying lead around, I would take a single combat spell to go with your support spells (Flamethrower is an old favorite) and a pair of Ares Predators or Yamaha Sakura Fubukis. That gives you plenty of lead to throw down range if you need it, but in a more controlled manner. Also allows for loading one with APDS and the other with SnS or Gel rounds, so you can have lethal and less lethal options.
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« Reply #10 on: <05-29-19/1903:27> »
If you go Automatics another decent machine pistol option is the Remington Suppressor. While it lacks Full Auto, it has decent ACC, DV, and it is the only machine pistol to have -1 AP and Restricted but comes with a suppressor. Granted, if you lack a decent weapon dice pool than Full Auto weapons will probably be better.
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Agreed. This looks like a 'training wheels' edition, that you can use to introduce someone to the setting, and then shift over to something like 5E or 4E. Like how D&D 5E is best used as training wheels for D&D 3.X.

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« Reply #11 on: <05-30-19/1810:52> »
...for an AR, a Yamaha Raiden.  60 round clip (3 full combat turns of suppression fire), electronic firing plus sound suppressor, 11DV/-2 AP (-6 with APDS which while  a bit expensive, may make then think twice about not diving for cover) and Internal Smartlink which adds to the accuracy.  Load it with S&S and you have 9 DV at -5 AP if you want to no nonlethal.  Just get a Smartlink display in something you wear like contacts or custom ballistic mask and you get another +1 to your pool, specialise in ARs for another +2.   

The more net hits you can get, the bigger the disadvantage is for the oppos and if you wing a couple in the process, all the better.

Nothing says "that can be the mage" better like a big bad AR with a high capacity magazine (or yes, a full auto drum fed shotgun).
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« Reply #12 on: <06-18-19/0949:38> »

My Formor Mage always carried a big ass revolver, because Gremlins.

An AR isn't that complex a machine, but there are still a lot of little springs and things in there...optics...electronics in any SR modern-era weapon.

Wheelguns don't have any blue smoke to let out.

Even without Gremlins, you probably don't have the skills to maintain a weapon like an HVAR (unless your mohawk is pinkish, and such considerations aren't an which case, carry on).

For more dakka, I'd say shotgun. Still simple, still big and effective. Spending a lot of hard-won cash on something like an HVAR leads to wanting to dump points into it, which is just throwing good resources after bad. You're a Mage. Any action you spend throwing lead means you're out of your lane, doing amateur work when there are professionals available.

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