Need Some Help, With An Idea. What's Valuable In Seattle?

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Michael Chandra

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« Reply #15 on: (06:47:43/05-19-19) »
But the request here is not for the runners themselves to have stolen it.
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« Reply #16 on: (20:10:46/05-19-19) »
Yeah, that idea wouldn't really work here, not that it's a bad idea.

Not that it really matters, that group dropped the game in favor of VTM, the night before we were supposed to start on my campaign. So, I wasted time setting up a campaign outline, and setting up stats. Anyone looking for a GM?


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« Reply #17 on: (14:11:18/05-20-19) »
An artifact that is recently discovered has been stolen. Seems its opening a portal to allow more shedim to this plane again. Its not fully functional, so you have a bunch of low power zombies being generated until you complete an elaborate blood magic ritual. But the zombies are starting to takeover a couple of blocks or more of key real estate.


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« Reply #18 on: (16:01:43/05-20-19) »
Ow, sorry to hear that. Here's hoping you can find some players who're sure to stay on.
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