Ork decker for group of new players

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« on: <05-02-19/1739:50> »
Here's what I had in mind:
Players & GM alike want to try Shadowrun, but haven't played the tabletop version before. To be as helpful as possible, I wanted to be a decker, so that nobody else needs to care about that subsystem. I wanted him to be good at First Aid & Medicine, in case someone gets injured. I didn't want to be the one with any social skills, so as to not do any backseat gaming (or any hints I give, the face could claim as their own). Also, I never played as an ork before, accepting that it might be trickier. Also, I used 800 karma point-buy from Run Faster.

Name: Prick

Metatype: Ork

STR: 3
BOD: 4
AGI: 4
REA: 4 (6)
LOG: 5 (6)
INT: 5
WIL: 4
CHA: 2
EDG: 3

Limits: Phys: 6, Ment: 7, Soc: 5

+ Qualities:
College Education (Former IT/Surgeon)
High Pain Tolerance
Instinctive Hack
Perfect Time
Speed Reader

- Qualities:
Reduced Sense (Taste)
Big Regret (His adopted son was shot by [GM's mob of choice] and couldn't save him)
Motion Sickness

Active Skills:
Cracking Group 6
Pistols 4
Running 2
Sneaking 4
Perception (Visual) 3
First Aid 5
Medicine 5
Cybertechnology 1
Hardware 5
Computer 5
Software 2
Navigation 1
Pilot Ground Craft 1

Knowledge Skills:
French N
English 4
Or'zet 3
Anatomy 4
Disease 4
Chemistry 2
Forensics 4
Matrix Threats 3
Street Drugs 2

Cerebral Booster 1
Reaction Enhancers (Alpha) 2
Smartlink in meat eyes (Alpha)
Injector cyberfinger full of Narcojet (Alpha)
Datajack Plus w/Exploit, Hammer, & Wrapper
Remaining Essence: 4.97

Renraku Sensei commlink; Hermes Chariot cyberdeck w/[many programs]; earbuds & smartglasses filled to capacity
Tool kits (hardware & cyberware), medkit 6, basic DocWagon contract, Fake SIN 4 & five accompanying licenses (Richard Williams Johnson)
2 doses each of Cram & Psyche, paint gun & paint grenade, both filled with C2, 4 [other sundries, like a data tap & a stim patch]

Weapons: Defiance EX Shocker w/custom grip, laser sight, quick-draw holster; Pred V w/custom grip, concealed quick-draw holster, currently unattached suppressor, extra mags with APDS & gel rounds.

Armour: (Fancy clothes that come with his High lifestyle); extra set of grungy clothes for when fanciness would get him mugged; Armour Vest w/nonconductivity 4, heat resistance 4, faraday pocket; forearm guards w/one hidden pocket in each; ballistics mask w/gas mask, micro-transciever, micro-cam & mic facing out, vision magnification, thermographic vision & flare comp.

1 month's rent of High Lifestyle w/Special Work Area (where he keeps his Tool-Medicine-Shop); Jackrabbit w/Metahuman Adjustment & Medium amenities (to combat his motion sickness)

Starting Contacts, for the GM to help figure out: Fixer (Hopefully the same one as all the other PCs) Connection: 4, Loyalty: 2; Fence to help get around Availability ratings: Connection: 3, Loyalty: 2

If the GM likes it, he'd have dabbled as his own Mr. Johnson a couple times before burning his SIN, so that he could help explain stuff to the others. Problem is, he also threw away his remaining patience, and as such is just casually foul. Probably from Quebec City. He picked "Prick" because he's good at administering medicine, he is very rude, and the way he tells it, he's popular with anyone who's attracted to him.
"Welcome to Shadowrun, where the biggest obstacle is you!"

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« Reply #1 on: <05-02-19/1749:32> »
A minor suggestion:

"A loved one was killed by X" is a fairly tired trope.  What about Big Regret: "Couldn't keep son from JOINING mob of GM's choice" instead? It's a hell of a lot bigger RP hook, as the son clearly needs to be written in now as a recurring NPC with a complicated/semi-adversarial relationship with the team!
RPG mechanics exist to give structure and consistency to the game world, true, but at the end of the day, you’re fighting dragons with algebra and random number generators.


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« Reply #2 on: <05-02-19/1807:20> »
Oh yeah, that is better! I was thinking, "If we're hired by The Mob, they'll subtly hold it over his head," but your suggestion makes it more active and current than the old "Death-in-the-backstory" routine.

I also figured it'll give the GM more play if the rest of the group goes sneaky/fighty.
"Welcome to Shadowrun, where the biggest obstacle is you!"