Increased Reflexes and Combat Sense in Astral

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Reception Enhancer, Chrome Flesh, Page 118
10K Nuyen (Availability of only 4) and 0.2 Essence.

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An AR decker might be faster, but also much poorer (due to spending so much on the ware) and will not have the Hotsim bonus. So yes, you could spend tons of cash on the ultimate AR-decker, but in the end they're still 2 dice behind.

Being immune to biofeedback is a tradeoff that can situational be quite worth the -2 dice handicap.
True. I'd stick to drugs rather than Wired Reflexes though. Just beware of the crash. :P
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For the record not having a two die bonus is not the same thing as a penalty. At this stage in 5e there is no shortage of ways to run up a pool. It's simply a question of ether hitting the velue you want or when diminishing returns makes it not worth pursuing any longer
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Yeah, my big question is whether that top answer is wrong or not. Most people here seem to claim it's wrong.
That top answer is definitely wrong. Brutus's comment that the adept power Improved Reflexes doesn't stack with Boosted Attribute: Reaction is also wrong, but I am less certain about this one. I believe they both stack, but are limited by the augmented maximum for reaction.

Reference page 101. It has 5 initiatives, each with it's own formula. Only "initiative" is affected by augmentation. I believe that it is an error that the augmentation column is blank for Matrix AR Initiative; it is contradicted by page 229 ("you use your normal initiative for AR"). It may have been corrected in the errata.


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Does someone want to write the right answer there? I'll gladly accept it if everybody here agrees that the current answer on stackexchange is wrong. It wouldn't do to leave an incorrect answer as the top ranked answer there.