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« Reply #15 on: <03-15-19/1930:28> »
No one is gonna spot a set nucks, in concealed in holster under a coat. It's ridiculous to even roll.

Probably true with regards to being passively spotted, but being discovered in a pat down is another matter entirely.  Between the observer's pool penalties being halved, getting a +3 dice bonus for specifically searching for weapons, and someone doing a pat down probably having decent skill at it, you'll still need to be decent-to-good to sneak weapons past a competent guard/bouncer.
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« Reply #16 on: <03-16-19/0635:41> »
Which makes a lot of sense, really. But I wouldn't give a +3 on patdown, they already get the concealability modifier restricted. The +3 is more for 'am I looking for a very specific thing' when looking around. Patdowns are already a specific search, so unless you explicitly look for the weird feeling of a hidden datadrive, I wouldn't give the +3, just the concealability modifier.
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« Reply #17 on: <03-16-19/1148:01> »
Sure I'd agree with a roll on a patdown, though for sure a no kidding hard roll, and yeah unless the target in question has public notarity for  famously packing enchanted super nucks or something, no +3.   
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