Any World of Warships Players here?

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« on: (02:56:53/03-18-19) »
So, do any of you SR nerds also play World of Warships?

And more importantly, (to me :P ) play Destroyers?

I have to say, since the Aircraft and matchmaker changes, for me playing higher tier destroyers is now next to impossible :(

With the 2 carriers you get in most matches, my survival rate is about 4 mins, and MAYBE a few shots/Spots, IF I am lucky. Most games, its just the same old "Spotted by Aircraft, bombed and rocketed 3 times in a now every 15 seconds until dead..."

Can't hide in the smoke as just loiter overhead until it dissipates, or you leave it. Can't use your AA as it's so weak you don't actually shoot down planes! (best game ever... 125k AA damage. ONE plane shot down....), can't seem to dodge the strikes coming in, no matter how much you bash the WASD keys (of 50 strikes against me, 47 hit over the course of 15 games...) 

So, what do you do in the new meta to have a good, enjoyable match or two?
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