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« on: <03-10-19/2003:46> »
PJ  Mundane Face (Still a work in progress)

Street Name: Plain Jane 
Metatype: Elf Age: 40 (apparent 25)
Sex: F
Nuyen (unspent): 5,545 ¥  Build Karma (unspent): 10


A: Resources: 450,000¥
B: Attributes :  20,  2 Skill Group
C : Skills: 28,  2 Skill Group
D: Metatype:  Elf:
E: Mundane


Body: 2 (4 for soak from Bone Density bio)
Agility: 4 (6)
Reaction: 3
Strength: 1

Charisma: 9
Intuition: 5
Logic: 3
Willpower: 4   

Edge: 2 (10 Karma)

Initiative/Derived Attributes:

Meat World  9 +2D6

Composure: 13
Judge Intentions: 14
Memory: 9

Lift/Carry: 3 Lift/Carry Weight: 30 Kg / 20 Kg
Primary Arm: Left

Movement: 12/24 (2m/Hit) Swim: 3.5 (1m/Hit)


Physical: 3
Mental: 7
Social: 12

Limit Modifiers:

Psyche [+1], Menominc Enhancer 2 [+2]
Audio Enhancement [+3] (Only for Perception (Hearing))
Vision Enhancement [+2] (Only for Perception (Visual))

Custom Ballistic Mask [+2] (Onlyfor Intimidation, Must be visible)
VAshon Island Sleeping Tiger [+1] (Must be visible)
Zoe executive Suite [+1] (Must be visible)


Alibi (-4)
linguist (-4)
Observant (-5)
School of Hard Knocks (-4)
Too Pretty to Hit (-3)

Addiction (Mild - Cram) (+4)
Creature of Comfort: Middle (+10)
Faceless (+6)

Active Skills
Computer 1  Pool: 4 (6 for data search) [2 Karma]
Con 6  (Fast Talk +2) Pool: 15 (18)*
Etiquette 5 (Street +2) 4  Pool: 14 (17)*
Leadership 1  Pool: 10 (13)*  [2 karma]
Negotiation 6 (Bargaining+2) Pool: 15 (18)*
Perception (Visual +2) 3  Pool: 8 (10) (13 Genemod)
Pistols (Semi Automatics +2) 3  Pool  9 (11)

* with Tailored Pheromones 3)

Skill Groups

Stealth: 2  Pools: Disguise (7) Palming (8) Sneaking (8)
Knowledge Skills (all + 2 for Mnemonic Enhancement)

Sociology: 2 (Behavioral +2)  Pool: 7 (9)  [A]
Anime & Manga: 1 Pool 8 [1 K]
Cantonese: 2  Pool 10 [L]
English: 2  Pool 10 [L]
Indonesian: 2  Pool 10 [L]
Japanese (N) [L]
Lip Reading: 2  Pool 10 [L]
Russian:  2 Pool 10 [L]
Spanish: 2 Pool 10 [L]
Area Knowledge: Neo Tokyo 4 Pool: 11 [St]
Bars & Clubs 2  Pool: 9 [St]
Gangs: 2   Pool: 9 [St]
Police Procedure - Street: 2   Pool 9 [St]
Rumour Mill 2  Pool: 9 [St]
Yakuza: 2   Pool; 9 [St]


Bone Density Augmentation 2
Genetic Optimisation: Charisma [Genemod]
Metatype Modification: Human
Mnemonic Enhancer  (Rating 2)
Muscle Toner  (Raiting 2)
 Narco  [Genemod]
Orthoskin (Rating 3)
Synaptic Acceleration [Genemod]
Tailored Pheromones (Rating 3)
Tetrachromatic Vision [Genemod]


Custom Ballistic Mask (+2) 
  Gas Mask
   Vision Magnification

Vashon Island: Sleeping Tiger (13)
  Custom Fit,  Newest Model
  Chemical Protection Rating 5
   Nonconductivity Rating 5
   Ruthenium Polymer Coating 3

Zoe Executive Suite
  Custom Fit,  Newest Model
  Concealed Pocket
  Nonconductivity Rating 3

Scout's Tux
  Concealed Pocket
  Nonconductivity Rating 5

Total of equipped single highest armor and accessories 18
Narojet One
   Personalized Grip
   Smartgun System, Internal

Browning Ghost
   Personalized Grip
   Smartgun System, Internal
   Personlised Grip
Looper Rounds (Rating 5) 20
Injection Darts (Narcojet) 24

Spare Clips  (4)
Other gear:
Contacts (Rating 2)
  Image Link,
  Polychromatic lens
Glasses (Rating 3)
  Vision Enhancement 3
Earbuds 3
  Select Sound Filter 3
Low Light Flashlight;

Fashion Gasmask

Duct Tape (4 rolls)

Syntheskin Face Mask 6 (2)
Smart Wig with Trode Net
Faceless pin  (Rating 5)

Micro Trasnciever
Subvocal Mic.

Tool Kit (Disguise)

Black Panther (6)

Cram (Pharma Grade) Qty 4
Psyche (Pharma Grade) Qty  4

Fake SIN 3 (Betdy Shiraga)
Fake License rating 3 (Private Investigator Licence)
Fake License rating 3 (Narcojet  Licence)
Fake License rating 3 (Drivers' Licence)
Fake License rating 3 (Restricted Cyberware License)

Pulse Wave (Commlinks) Dev 6  ASDF 0 0 6 6
   Receiver Dongle  (+2 noise reduction)

Middle 2 months prepaid


Fixer  C5/L2
Police Chief: C4/L3
Yakiza Kyodai  C4/L2
Club Owner:  C4/L3
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« Reply #1 on: <03-10-19/2149:45> »
Does Bio/Cyber ware allow you to get extra contact points by raising Charisma?

That doesn't feel right to me.

Like the Logic/Intuition mods letting you have more free Knowledge points.

There is an internal optimizer that is screaming out at 2 Bod & 4 Will instead of 3/3 for the Damage track boost.

Otherwise very interesting use of massive cash there for a Face. :)

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« Reply #2 on: <03-10-19/2331:32> »
...most Genemods are a one shot treatment that effectively become a permanent part of the character (cannot be removed or upgraded like bio/cyber). In ChromeFlesh they are in their own category apart from Bio or Cyber (though I find the fact that Nanoware is in the same chapter somewhat odd as Nanoware really isn't permanently altering one's genetic code, just infusing the body with living machines that can be removed or degrade).  As for the Exceptional Attribute Quality, with Genetic Optimisation, you still have to spend either Attribute Points or Karma to increase the attribute to the new cap so essentially it is treated like a "natural" attribute.

Cerebral Booster and Cerebellum Booster Bioware does not increase Knowledge skill points as these augmentations stack their rating on top of the natural attribute and can be removed/upgraded.

Genetics do bend the rules a bit but that is even the case in RL.

Willpower is very important in opposed social tests as well as for the derived pools (Judge Intentions and Composure) that are important to a social based character. In my experience with Neo Tokyo missions, one doesn't necessarily need to be as physically buff as for Chicago.  My Decker for Chicago also has a 2 body and 4 Willpower, again the latter being important for resisting damage from matrix combat.

Yeah, the character was optimised to get the most out of augmentations and gear.  Using Black Panther she can have a Con or Negotiation pool of 22 when bargaining, or fast talking her way out of a jam. Using Pharma Grade Psyche her Logic and Intuition are each pumped up by 2 for 10 hours, and when she takes Cram that adds 2 to her Reaction (both together giving her +4  Dice to her dodge pool along with the +1 from Synaptic Acceleration for a total of 13 (22 if she goes full defence).  Not getting hit is better than having to shake down damage. By the time she is ready for the CMPs, some of those low attributes will be dealt with.
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