Metahuman Adepts - Whats your E?

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« Reply #15 on: <02-16-19/1837:18> »
For a metahuman adept? Resources E. Sure, you're hurting at the start, but gear and nuyen are about ten thousand times easier to get than Karma, so what your skills are at the start are probably going to be what they are eight runs in, especially if you're going to try and initiate or get foci.
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« Reply #16 on: <02-16-19/1851:15> » NT it is admittedly a little easier for an adept to assign resources at a lower priority as all the big expensive weapons are forbidden and heavy armour attracts unwanted attention.  You also don't want a rating 4 ID as that will get you arrested.  For Snow Lily (Human Adept Metatype E) I assigned D to Resources and still managed to start with a bonded Force 3 Weapon Focus.
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« Reply #17 on: <02-16-19/1946:37> »
Im just always at a loss for why anyone opts for a metatype other than E (or D if you want to be a muggle). I get that a lot of people enjoy playing orcs, trolls, dwarves, and elves... But, dagnabbit, I just like being human.

When I get to play vs run I almost always play human, but I frequently am D human for the special attribute points edge or magic, I've done quite a few mage builds with magic C that gets its magic bumped to 6 through having human D. I've gone higher with C human as well if I want to be especially lucky.  Problem for a lot of builds I want A skills to flesh out my character, and yeah I know attributes do a better job at getting you a dice pool and more. But I like what skills represent to a character concept. Taking less than B attributes is rough, which leaves C magic, D human, e resources.  Sure you can play around with it a bit, if you can get by on 16 attributes or if a meta maybe even less attributes.  But Damn that's tight and you start looking weird. It doesn't help that every NPC in missions is physical and mental perfection, like almost straight 5s, so if you are running around with 2s and 1s so you can be good in your specialty you seem really off kilter.


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« Reply #18 on: <02-16-19/2040:03> »
Resources E and 10 Karma gets you 26K.

Fake SIN 4 10k
Armored Jacket 1k
1 Month Low Life 2k
Dodge Scoot 3k to Renault-Fiat Funone at 8500.
Between 4500 and 10k for Licenses, Swords, Guns, Gator Armor, Pre-paid Commlink and a few odds and ends.

Good 'nuff for most Adepts, Mages, and Technomancers.


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« Reply #19 on: <02-16-19/2150:11> »
It's all in context. What kind of adept are you going to be?

If you are combat heavy, you may be able to get by with skills E just fine. Having Resources for good armor, foci, weapons, etc. can be really helpful upfront. 

If you are skills or gear heavy (decker/driver/drone operator), going attributes E can work fine, especially for dwarves. Some mixing adept powers and a little 'ware goes a long way to building your base and key attributes.

Resources E can be useful for folks who need a lot of skills and attributes, faces/infiltrartors come to mind.


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« Reply #20 on: <02-17-19/1204:40> »
Agreed, this only works when you know you're gonna be playing together for a handful of runs at least.

The benefit is it scales very quickly as you can devote your chargen skill points to maximizing your 2/3 main skills, use small bursts of run karma to round out the character and the nuyen you earn to pick up all the good gear.

Skills E with JoaT for quick expansion post chargen.

There's a lot riding on the expected nature of the campaign.  How often are you playing? Will the GM be more or less generous with Karma or Nuyen based on Core rulebook suggested rewards?

But without factoring any of that, I'd generally lean towards Resources even though JoaT does go a long way in lowering the curve to bringing deficient skillsets up to speed.  Still, it really only works if your attributes and adept powers already are carrying their loads towards getting your dice pools where you'll be wanting them to be (12+ for anything you want to be reasonably sure you'll overcome opposition or serious penalties).

Generally I'd prefer to go with Resources E.  Nuyen is usually easier to obtain than Karma, and if you're eschewing augmentations you really don't have any big expenses beyond Foci.  If your adept has Face-y skills/abilities, that'll work as an analogue to JoaT towards wringing extra from looting/shaking Mr Johnson down for more payment.