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I'm trying to line up a online game for neo-tokyo and I have a concept that I'm currently rolling with but trying to refine. A college trained hermetic mage who joined the police force and was placed on a astral detail, he'd fight astral threats and assense the scene. He lost his job when his SIN showed up as him being dead,(unlucky, gremlins) the assumption was it was a fake sin instead of a mistake and he left the job one step ahead of being arrested.(I went with sinless, though maybe that is better represented as a national sin.  Initially I put in manabolt to deal with astral issues, but quite frankly it sucks and with a solid charisma you hit harder. While he doesn't have it now he had a weapon focus on the job, and he's sure he destroyed its link to him...

Anyways went for a more generalist mage, no big booms though fling is actually IMO a solid choice in neo-tokyo given that you can cast it at low force to decent effect. I wanted him trained in a wide range of magic so I have him with alchemy, ritual magic and spell casting.  I have a high artisan skill which is mostly represented in his preparations, his go to is a tag that he writes Latin works in Japanese characters using calligraphy, he normally ties them to throwing knives for a delivery service if petrify or just pulls them out and command triggers them like reading a scroll. He generally keeps magic fingers going at all times to handle threats with his close combat skills at a distance, with punch as a last ditch they got to close spell.

I probably don't need artisan 6, like stealth 6 with a astral specialization would probably be better. But it fits the concept and my characters always end up scattered in design.  I'm hoping with some criticism I can focus it down a bit more.  Though I'm not looking to rock missions, more like survive so I don;t need to be min-maxed out to much. And yes I'm terrible at names.

B 2, A 2, R 2, S 1, W 5, L 6, I 5, C 5, ESS 6, EDG 2, M 6
Condition Monitor (P/S): 9 / 11
Armor: 12
Limits: Physical 2, Mental 8, Social 7
Physical Initiative: 7+1D6
Astral Initiative: 10+3D6
Active Skills: Alchemy (Command +2) 6, Arcana 1, Artisan 6, Assensing 6, Astral Combat 6, Binding 6, Close Combat Group 4, Con 1, Etiquette 1, Perception 2, Sneaking 4, Sorcery Group 6, Summoning 6
Knowledge Skills: Baking 1, Bars Neo Tokyo 1, magical theory 3, magicall Forensics 2, Mixed Drinks 1, parabiology 2, Parabotony 2, Parageology 2, parazoology 2, police procedure 1, Zoology  2
Languages: English N, Japanese 3
Qualities: Bad Luck, Focused Concentration (5), Gremlins (2), Hermetic Magician, Mentor Spirit: Fire-Bringer, Simsense Vertigo
Spells: Fling, Heal, Magic Fingers, Physical Mask, Punch
Rituals: Ward
Alchemical Preparations: Clairvoyance, Increase Reflexes, Petrify
. . Armor Jacket
. . Atomizer
. . Atomizer Cartridge x10
. . Concealable Holster
. . Identity: Specify Name w/ Fake SIN (4), License to Practice Magic: License to Practice Magic (4), (1 month) Low Lifestyle
. . Meta Link
. . Sony Angel
. . Transys Arthur
. . Telescoping Staff [Club, Reach 2, Acc 4, DV 3P, AP –]
. . Throwing Knife x10 [Throwing Weapon, Acc 2, DV 2P, AP -1]
. . Stun Dongle [Club, Reach 1, Acc 4, DV 9S(e), AP -5] w/ Internal Battery
Beat Cop (Connection 2, Loyalty 3)
Fixer (Connection 3, Loyalty 2)
Talismonger (Connection 3, Loyalty 2)
Starting ¥: 3D6 × 60¥

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