Feedback on a Custom Metamagic Quality—Communication with Spirit Vehicle

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Hi all,

I would like to design a very custom metamagic quality for one of my players. It’s quite a tailored fit so I don’t expect this to be very reusable for anything else, but I would like to have feedback on the crunch I proposed here. So first, a bit of context: my player is a rigger who a customized VTOL. Using the rule of Forbidden Arcana, I opted to attach a Vehicule spirit to VTOL (after all the vehicle went into the Court of Seelie and was temporarily transformed into a sort of a small dragon).

Up until now, the player has no real control on the spirit of his vehicle. The spirit manifest when he want—often to save his butt and is “asleep” the rest of the time. Crunchwise this is also done so because the rule attached to the vehicle spirits are not really thought to interact with a rigger.

The character itself got awakened (yes, an awakened rigger with maximum magic of 2 because of his control rig) and the player has opted to learn how to communicate with spirit (using the Shinto tradition).

After taking a look at available metamagic and even magic skills, we did not find a good way to implement what he would like to develop. The idea would be for him to be able to really communicate with the vehicle spirit. Right now, it’s more him talking to his VTOL like a nerd and hoping the spirit will do what he says. Mechanically what I would like to see—down the road is him being able to jump in VR and teamwork with the vehicle spirit.

So my idea is to build a metamagic quality allowing doing so and set a series of requirements for his character to acquire until he can purchase the quality. In a sense, building a sort of path (or a way) to this ultimate goal. And here is my questions to you all: what kind of requirement do you think there should be here?

I’m thinking raising his summoning skills to 5, increase his initiation level the 3 and Magic to 5. But I also would like to see some requirements on metamagic. Or maybe some magic quality? What do you think?


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« Reply #1 on: <02-12-19/2103:48> »
I'm not 100% familiar with Vehicle Spirits as they are written up in Forbidden Arcana so I may need to go back and review that to give better feedback... Nevertheless, I can try to give some advice, but first some confirmation:

If I understand correctly, you have gifted the rigger with a Free/Wild Spirit that has associated itself with their primary vehicle (a VTOL). The character is now (or has always been?) awakened and wants to have more control over this spirit? Or just a way to better utilize what it can do?

Assuming all that, there are some rules for associating with Spirits, either by garnering favor from Wild Spirits, or through a Spirit Pact (which is a ritual). This would allow the character to have some more influence over the spirit.

Depending on what you've done with the spirit and how you want to handle it moving forward, you could also allow the character to transform or bond with the spirit and turn it into an Ally Spirit. This would inherently require more skill in Summoning/Bonding and higher Magic to be able to succeed at the tests. Plus extra karma spent to properly bond/improve the spirit. And learning the Ally Spirit ritual requires at least one initiation into the Invocation School.