A few questions about SR5 / Data Logs and Commcodes

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« on: (01:45:47/02-12-19) »
A few questions about SR5... I have CRB and Data Trails, but no other Matrix books (such as Killcode)
   (1) In 4th Ed., Node's recorded everything that transpired in them via Data Logs. Hackers had the capability to alter these Data Logs to erase their trail. I've only read one passage that very briefly mentioned Data Logs in... oh boy, I think it was someone near the end of Data Trails. My question is does anyone know if 5th Ed. uses Data Logs?
   (2) Do Hosts, beyond Matrix Perception, have a way of recording a decker's cyberdeck's commcode whenever he pops in for a snoop or visit otherwise? (Such as a Data Log...)
   (3) Do any of the books talk about rewriting or disguising a deck or commlinks commcode (essentially its IP address [digital fingerprint])? 4th Ed. had something for this but it's been so long since I played it that I don't remember the mechanics.
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« Reply #1 on: (02:59:05/02-12-19) »
1. I think so
2. no
3. not that I saw


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« Reply #2 on: (07:55:39/02-13-19) »
Can't answer to questions 1 and 2.

For 3: As far as I understand it this is covered by the 'Reboot' action.  You don't disguise your digital fingerprint since you need one to be able to use the matrix.  What you do, once you've finished with your illegal shenanigans, is get a new fingerprint by wiping out the old one and re-registering your deck on the matrix as a brand new (and different) device.

To clarify - the 'digital fingerprint' to get on and use the matrix appears (to me) to be different than a 'commcode' which is basically just a combination telephone number/email address.

Not everyone agrees on this point - but it's what I get out of the rules and the fluff. YMMV.

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« Reply #3 on: (22:04:30/02-13-19) »
(3) Do any of the books talk about rewriting or disguising a deck or commlinks commcode (essentially its IP address [digital fingerprint])?

Not as of yet, and it is one of the reasons GMs have to run Matrix Security like they are dumber than Keystone Cops to give their players a fair shake.

Fail a Sleaze test (such as Hack on the Fly)?  The owner of the device host (and/or corporate security) get alerted to an intrusion attempt.
Owner/Corporate Security runs a Matrix Perception check against "devices other than this one (or a whitelist of corporate devices) that I/Corporate has a MARK on" and with one success spot the failed hacker.
If they get a second hit on the Matrix Perception check, they grab the commcode* and always "know something about the hackers icon" to make Matrix Perception checks to spot them on the Matrix.

The only sure fire way to lose that commcode is to replace your deck.
Everything else, is purely GM whim.

*As a bonus, Corporate Security can pass the commcode off to a Host equivalent of an Agent to run Matrix Perception checks for every n time periods - alerting Corporate Security when they are online to be traced.