Using Flash-paks

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I'm playing using SR3 rules and they don't really specify how these type of grenades are used in the core rulebook. I'm assuming they apply the +8 blind fire modifier to whoever was effected by the blast, but what is the duration and how do I determine if someone was hit by the flash or not and I'm assuming the blast range is 10 meters like a normal frag grenade. Thus far, I've been using house rules, but I'm curious how other people handle the use of this weapon?


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« Reply #1 on: <02-10-19/1351:41> »
page 283 of the SR 3 crb.

FLASH-PAK: The size of a pack of cigarettes, this unit contains four quartz-halogen micro-flashes designed to fire in random strobe sequences to disorient, distract and blind opponents. Anyone facing a flash-pak receives a +4 target number modifier (+2 if the target has flare compensation). The pak also negates modifiers from poor or no lighting, but imposes its own +2 modifier because of the strobing flashes.

The are not a grenade in the usual sense, they are more like a hand held item, or a placed item that is triggered either by tripwire or command.  Once they are triggered, they emit a strobing effect that "disorient, distract or blind" those that are facing the FLASH-PAK, for as long as they face it.  (hence why its not a grenade, you have to control the direction  the strobes face.)

Or if you wish to rule it is a grenade, (seen this a few times, but not often) then anyone looking in the direction of the grenade (friend or foe), recieves the TM of +4/+2.

Keep in mind that TM is for all pools and actions while facing the FLASH-PAK.
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