Master Plan: Running Silent / potential flaws in my decker

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« on: (20:23:33/02-03-19) »
I have an idea here and I'm looking for someone to find the flaws in it - my decker has his cyberdeck running silent as well as x5 Evo Himitsu commlinks (they come w/ built-in Sleaze modules of rating 5) on his person. Everything is running silent.
   The idea is that when an opposing decker or Probe IC uses their Matrix Perception check, they have to inquire if there's any hidden icons in the area/host. Obviously the answer is yes. Now the rules say if there's multiple icons running silent, the opposing decker/IC has to roll randomly to see who he's going to spot.
   With 5 'links and a deck all running silently, we designate on a d6 my deck's icon (let's say #1). Now every time decker/IC rolls to spot me he's going against my Sleaze of 5 (higher on the deck) and my Logic of 11. Unless I'm running a hot host most of the time I'll stay hidden. If they spot one of my devices 83% of the time it'll come up as one of my dummy Himitsu's running basically blank and anonymous (doesn't matter if it gets fried, it's only tied into me in AR and all it'll do is give away my physical location - if it alerts me I can simply power it down). And every once in awhile when I have a free moment or some extra Matrix Perception hits I can scan my own links and deck to see if they're marked...
   ... anyone seeing any holes in my idea here to remain camouflaged by running all these hidden devices?
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« Reply #1 on: (20:47:06/02-03-19) »
This is the same idea as the roll of 100 stealth tags defense against being spotted.  No GM will ever allow it, and the devs have clarified that security forces are immune to that RAW anyway.

Edit: the RAW contradicts it, but the full page example of matrix activity on PG 271 includes the example (and effective confirmation of RAI) that a single matrix perception check is resolved simultaneously against every silent running target.
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« Reply #2 on: (20:52:29/02-03-19) »
I can see one flaw in your plan.
5 icons running silently just standing still.
If a spider finds more that 1 icon running silently in the same area not doing anything, the alarm is going to get activated.
Not positive if a Probe IC would activate the alarm for that.

Also of note, if any decker checks for the history of one of your blanks, and comes up nothing.
Yeah, the alarm's going to get activated.

Finally, unless you are at a safehouse, you need to have something broadcasting a SIN.