No Future is now LIVE!

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« Reply #15 on: (14:55:54/01-31-19) »
As a teaser, here the keywords for the megas. I hope this is ok

Ares: Struggle (as discussed)
Aztechnology: Death (Its inevitable, don't fear it, enjoy life instead)
Evo: Evolution
Horizon: Consensus (bland, forgettable entertainment everyone can agree on)
MCT: Order
Renraku: Communication
S-K: Power (Letting its media part mostly run itself and only placing things here and there which then ripple through the entire industry)
Shiawase: Family (So family entertainment. They are also very good with Simsense)
Spinrad: Radical ("What would Johnny do?")
Wuxing: Balance

The AA media companies are:
Cross: Whats left from CATCo
DeMeKo: Masters of the niche market
Providence: Polish company with heavy catholic influence
Sony: Games


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Personally, I'd *love* to do more fluff-heavy books. There's a ton of stuff that yet needs covered.
It also helps that Fluff is Editionless.
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« Reply #17 on: (19:53:38/01-31-19) »
Donít get me wrong, I love fluff. When I returned to SR after skipping sr4 I more or less bought all sr4 fluff books simply to catch up with the timeline.

My problem with No Future is that it wasnít written in an interesting way, in a way that could serve as hooks for run, inspire great runs etc. bring shadowruns into the entertainment sector.
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