How to Join a Living campaign or run one?

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So if this is in the wrong spot my apologies. I saw the living campaign stuff and was interested. Didn't know where to look, I know it is specific missions like adventurers league in D&D.  But is it only at conventions? or stores or what? how are characters done ect? Any info would be great. Thanks!

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You'll want to review the SRM FAQ here.

You don't have to be an official Catalyst Demo Team member to run SRM missions, but it helps since they have access to them for free.

For the rest of us, you can purchase adventures at catalyst's online store or at drivethrurpg.  They cost about $5 a go so not terribly pricey, but I suppose it depends on how much disposable cash you have available for the hobby and how many adventures you buy, heh.

I've heard that there are some SRM games played over Discord as well, but I haven't looked into that myself.
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Groovy thank ya

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To find games for SRM Online, use the link.

There's a $5 charge to play, mostly to ensure people don't sign up and not show... of you paid, you feel more invested.  Obviously, at 20-40 bucks for a 4-5 hour session, they ain't in it for the cash.

Running Missions per the FAQ is legitimate as SSDR says, but unless your an agent, you don't necessarily get access to the CMPs, which are another 8 modules that get released for Agent use.

To sign up as an agent, you need a public place to host open table demos, that means you run Missions on some manner of fair first come first served sign up, at least 6 sessions a year.  There are some pretty swag perks of being an Agent...
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« Reply #4 on: <01-08-19/1437:42> »
We're also running Shadowrun Missions content at Dungeons & Flagons (as well as D&D Adventure League and Call of Cthulu Society) if you want to check it out:

Go down to the #welcome-to-sr channel when you're on the server to see the Shadowrun content. I'm going through the Neo-Tokyo arc at the moment and someone else is running Chicago. I'm a CDT Agent as well.
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