Null wizard confusion/Tradition suggestions

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« on: (16:39:46/01-20-19) »
So I have made an aspected conjurer but I haven't picked which tradition yet as I'm fleshing out back story. Null wizard focused awakened states "Cannot use any of the following skills: Alchemy, Artificing, Binding, Ritual Spellcasting, or Spellcasting."  As of now I am taking this as Read as Written as there is no erata on this I can find.

Under the stuff Null Wizard takes out, would conjuring still work?  Sure you can't bind anything, but conjuring in itself is a kind of handy thing to have. I know aspected Mages suck compared to regular ones, but would a runner who focuses soley on Counterspelling, banishing and conjuring spirits work in a group?

Also, is there a tradition anyone may recommend? He is am orphan from the Euro wars (forget names) that views spirits as surrogate siblings and his mentor more so as a father/mother figure.