Another Decker (this one for the Chicago Missions reboot) [Revised]

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« on: <01-17-19/2320:59> »
...after building a fairly decent Decker character for Neo Tokyo.  Decided to revive one of my old decker concepts for the missions reboot of the Chicago seasons...

...with a few twists.

Though not as tough out of the box as the 3e version she still could hold her own pretty well.   

In her original backstory she was originally from a wealthy corporate family who was designated to be engineered from childhood to be a matrix agent for a the company.  Even as an toddler she showed remarkable intellectual prowess and unusual capacity for understanding puzzles and cryptograms.  A (very) long story short, when she realised in her late teens what was going on she bailed into the shadows (using her augmented abilities and training against the company to effect her escape).

That said, with the lower resource limits and priority system used in 5e I had to tone her down a bit from the original version (no rating 10 Intelligence [Logic] like the original started with).  However I feel she came out much more "survivable" and playable (in spite of low physical attributes) than my first attempt a year or so ago.

Her total noise reduction is 11 (Datajack Plus, Signal Scrub, Deck rating, Antennae (3), and Vectored Signal Filter.

Again comments and suggestions are welcome.

Revisions to the original in red

Violet (WIP)

Street Name: Violet 
Metatype: Human Age: 26
Sex: F
Nuyen (unspent): 20,937 ¥  Build Karma (unspent): 18


A: Resources: 450,000¥ (10 Karma to Resources for 470,000¥)
B: Skills:  36,  5 Skill Group
C Attributes: 16
D: Metatype:  Human: +3 to Special Attribute
E: Mundane


Body: 2 (4 for soak from Bone Density)
Agility: 2 (4) (6 each Cyber Arm)
Reaction: 2 (3 [Jazz])
Strength: 1 (2)

Charisma: 2
Intuition: 5
Logic: 6 [8]
Willpower: 4   

Edge: 5
Essence: 1.20


Meat World  7 +2D6

Matrix AR: 7 + 2d6
Matrix Cold: 10 + 3d6
Matrix Hot: 10 + 4d6

Composure: 6
Judge Intentions: 7
Memory: 13

Lift/Carry: 4 Lift/Carry Weight: 30 Kg / 20 Kg
Primary Arm: Left

Movement: 4/8 (2m/Hit) Swim: 1.5 (1m/Hit)


Physical: 3
Mental: 10
Social: 4

Limit Modifiers:

Jazz [+1]

Psyche [+1], Menominc Enhancer 1 [+1]
Audio Enhancement [+3] (Only for Perception (Hearing))
Vision Enhancement [+2] (Only for Perception (Visual))


Custom Ballistic Mask [+2] (Onlyfor Intimidation, Must be visible)
Vashon Island Sleeping Tiger [+1] (Must be visible)


Impenetrable Logic (-3)
Overclocker (-5)
Perfect Time (-5)
Quick Config (-5)

Addiction Jazz (Mild) (+4)
Addiction Psyche (Mild) (+4)
Echo Chamber (+10)
Prejuduce: Specific, Biased): NeoNet (+3)


Active Skills
Cybercombat 4 (Devices +2) Pool: 12 (14)
Electronic Warfare (Matrix actions +2) 4 Pool: 12 (14)
Etiquette (Corporate +2) 5  Pool: 7 (9)
First Aid 2 Pool:  10
Hacking (Hosts +2) 6  Pool: 14 (16)
Perception (Visual +2) 5  Pool: 10 (12)
Pistols (Semi Automatics +2) 4  Pool  8 (10) R arm: 8/L arm: 10 (10/12)

[Dropped Unarmed Combat and Palming]

Skill Groups

Electronics: 5  all Pools: 12  Computer /Hardware/Software
[dropped Biotech group]

Knowledge Skills (all + 1 for Mnemonic Enhancement) [4 points unspent]
English [Native]
Area Knowledge: Chicago 3  Pool: 9
Codes (Matrix +2) 1  Pool: 10
Corporations: NeoNet 1  Pool: 10
CYbertechnology 1  Pool: 10
Data Havens (N. America +2)  8 (10)
Drones  1  Pool: 10
Engineering (Electrical +2) 1  Pool; 10 (12)
Matrix (Host Design +2) Pool; 10 (12)
Mathematics (Game Theory +2) 1  Pool: 10 (12)
Puzzles (Logic +2) 2 Pool: 8 (10)
Security Design (Matrix +2) Pool: 10 (12)
Dropped: Matrix Threats

Cyber:  [All Alpha Grade]
Antennae (3)
Datajack Plus 3 0.12 Alphaware KC 65
  Biofeedback Filter;
  Baby Monitor
  Universal Connector Cord (Meter)
Low Light Vision (Retinal Mod)
Obvious  Full Arm (Right)
   Armour (Rating 2
   Customised Agility Rating (6)
   Built in Medkit (Rating 6)
   Cyberfinger Credstick (Silver)
Obvious  Full Arm (Left)
   Armour (Rating 2
   Customised Agility Rating (6)
   Built  in Tool Kit (Hardware)

Removed: Plastic Bone Lacing, Snake Fingers, and Shock Hand

Bio/Genemods:  [All Bio Alpha Grade except Cerebral booster and Genemods]
Bone Density Modification Rating 2
Boosted Reflexes
Cerebral Booster (Rating 2)
Increased Myelination
Mnemonic Enhancer  (Rating 1)
Orthoskin (Rating 3)

[Removed Tetrachromatic Vision]


Custom Ballistic Mask (+2) 
  Gas Mask
  Flare Comp
Vashon Island: Sleeping Tiger (13)
  Custom Fit;  Newest Model;
  Chemical Protection 4
   Nonconductivity 5
   Concealed Pocket 
   Ruthenium Polymer Coating 3

Total of equipped highest armour and accessories:  23 (includes Orthoskin 3, Cyber Arm Armour [+2 ea], and Bone Lacing [+1])
Savalette Guardian (Heavy Pistol)
   Personalized Grip
   Electonic Firing;
   Smartgun System, Internal

Concealable Holster

Looper Rounds (Rating 6) 24
Capsule Rounds (Pepper Punch) 24
Stick & Shock 24

Spare Clips  (6)
Other gear:
Contacts 3
  Image Link,
  Vision Enhancement rating 2;
Earbuds 3
  Audio Enhancement rating 3
Low Light Flashlight;
Monocle 1
  Vision Magnification

Syntheskin Face Mask (2)
Smart Wig
Good Briefcase
5 rolls of Duct Tape
Subvocal Mic.


Tool Kit:  Hardware (implanted in L. Cyberarm)
Medkit Rating 6 (implanted in R. Cyberarm)
Medkit Supplies (2)
Data Tap (5)
Black Panther (2)


Jazz (Designer Grade) Qty 4
Psyche (Designer Grade) Qty  4

Fake SIN (Violet Beaudalaire)
Fake License rating 3 (Cyberdeck License)
Fake License rating 3 (Pistol License)
Fake License rating 3 (Conceal Carry License)
Fake License rating 3 (Restricted Cyberware License)

Credstick:  Silver (Cyberfinger)

Hermes Chariot  Dev 3  ASDF: 5 4 4 2
  Hardening ×2
  Program Carrier (Stealth)
  Sim Module, Hot,
  Universal Connector Cord (Meter)
  Vectored Signal Filter
  Satellite Link

Crash (Program)
Fly on a Wall
Smoke and Mirrors,
Cat's Paw
Virtual Machine (allows for running two extra programmes)

Pulse Wave  Dev 6  ASDF 0 0 6 6
   Receiver Dongle  (+2 noise reduction)

  Obscure/Difficult to Find
  Grid Subscription (Public Grid);


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« Reply #1 on: <01-18-19/1647:49> »
Decking seems to good, same for attacking in the meat world.  However.... she not a bit squishy ? If I'm not mistaken thats 9 Physical and 10 stun good hit and shes gone.. :(

Also what do xou hope for with tetrachromatic visoin ? I toyed with the idea for a while, but what is really the point in seeing Ultravilot light, other than detecting germs ?
I apologise for my posts beeing weird to read, I am fluent in english, but almost never write in english anymore :-(

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« Reply #2 on: <01-18-19/1706:32> »
I'm more concerned about the Physical Limit of 3.  You'll become very familiar with the Knockdown rules with that stat...

As for ultraviolet vision: imagine the potential of seeing what can be seen under a black light, without needing the black light!  Perhaps, depending on the context, imagine the horror/disgust...
RPG mechanics exist to give structure and consistency to the game world, true, but at the end of the day, you’re fighting dragons with algebra and random number generators.

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« Reply #3 on: <01-18-19/1934:54> »
...Tetrachromatic Vision also adds +3 to visual perception pools.  In the years I have been playing, visual perception often becomes a lifesaver as well.  The ability to see in the UV spectrum grants better vision in dim light situations as well (partial light becomes full light).  Yeah I could swap for a retinal low light cyber mod (same essence cost) but then would lose 3 dice to her perception pool.


@ Stainless Steel Devil Rat: ...yeah I am aware of that,  Just don't have the any means to get BOD up to where it increases the limit (natural rating 4). Bone Density or Bone Lacing only adds their rating for damage resistance, not knockdown.


I tried a version with the Attribute and Skill priorities reversed, but she was deficient on several skills that are needed for certain matrix actions (not all use Hacking).  Also what to do with a 2 skill group when the only high attribute is Logic.  None of the Mechanics skills are useful as in Missions characters cannot perform B&R or modify gear.  Using it for Electronics would give her woefully low pools in necessary skills for hacking and it would be almost useless for any physical skills.

The only real way to get the best of both would be using the Sum To Ten build with 4: Resources, 3: Attributes, 3 Skills, 0 for Metatype and Magic/Resonance.  Unfortunately that option is not usually allowed in Missions without specific permission.  I have one Sum to Ten Missions character who was OK'd, but she is a 3,3,3,1,0 build and with the Jack of all Trades quality so she doesn't have any grotesquely huge pools (most are 10 - 11 with the highest being Sneaking at 15 (specialised in Urban +2)  - and she is currently a 434 Karma character). 

I am pretty sure a 4,3,3,0,0 build would be shot down because it would seem too unbalanced compared to characters built on the straight priority system.
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« Reply #4 on: <01-18-19/2356:19> »
...@ Seras, ...because of the Cyberarms, her physical track is 11 instead of 9 so not too "squishy". 

I also made some changes which are noted in the main post in red.

Now she also has 20,000¥ along with 18 Karma unspent.
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