Smartgun/smartlink/contacts/glasses, how does it work?

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Ok, so revised understanding is no DNI required, only that you have to pay Essence for Smartlink implant to gain the +2 dice pool. If you're wearing goggles or contacts you get the +1 dice pool if you're running wireless and if you go old school with a cable you just get the acc bonus.

And to add to this revised understanding (as I've been puzzling this through as well, life was so much less faff when it was "smartgun to palmpad to smartlink" or "smartgub to cable to smartgoggles.") The "mental command to drop clips etc" only works if you have a DNI (ie. you have smartlink hardware in your head?) Am I getting that right?

Thanks guys.

Right now, I don't think you even need that, to use the free action stuff. I'm getting it as you can use those, with a DNI, even if you don't have a smartgun/link system, because it's a wireless option for all guns. Except, I guess, for those whom are saying explicitely they don't have any wireless stuff integrated.

On the other hand, you don't need DNi for using them with a smartgun/link, that system works as a substitute for DNI.

So, right now, IMO, you have acces to:

1. Free actions, if you have DNI and the gun is running its wireless functions

2. Free actions, accuracy bonus and +1 to attack pool, if you have a smartgun and smartlink on an external device.

3. Free actions, accuracy bonus and +2 to attack if you're have the smartlink installed in your eyes.

Everyone, is that correct?
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« Reply #16 on: <01-25-19/1948:12> »
By my understanding:

  • Ejecting/inserting a clip or changing firing modes is a Simple Action by default (Falls into Use Simple Device action).
  • If you have a DNI and are connected to the device (by any means), you can perform these actions with a mental command, but it is still considered a Simple Action.
  • The Smartgun system being installed/attached to the gun adds the quicker action allowance. It is listed as one of the wireless bonus benefits in the gear. As was mentioned, most guns (that aren't throwbacks) likely have the ability to control these functions by wireless, but it is the smartgun system which makes it both fast and easy.

I would probably allow the Free Actions for someone with a DNI through entirely wired means (i.e. datajack direct wired to gun) even if they are running with wireless off. Wouldn't get the dice bonus, but there is precedence for some wireless bonuses to be available with that turned off with special circumstances (internal router).