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« on: (15:04:26/01-15-19) »
I was looking at qualities for an alchemist I'm polishing up.
Under addiction it gives several examples of things to be addicted to.
One of which was Alchemical Preparations.

Based on my concept of a dedicated buffer and having a lot of stored preparations,
this just looks like free points to me. 
I could take a solid addiction to alchemical preps, and he could just make his own to fulfill the craving.

Am I missing something or should I definitely take a moderate addiction to that harmless thing I make anyway?
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« Reply #1 on: (15:19:36/01-15-19) »
Well there's all kinds of ways to abuse negative qualities so that you minimize or even never suffer a downside for free karma.

It's up to the GM to veto stupid things (like my character is allergic to Dilophosaur venom!) but imo the player shouldn't be testing the GM in the first place :)

With regards to addictions, I'd call being addicted to something you can easily get isn't particularly pushing the standard of reasonableness.  Addiction to cigarettes and soykaf are afterall suggestions for the quality.  Communication with your GM is of course recommended.
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« Reply #2 on: (15:31:06/01-15-19) »
Addiction isn't only about getting karma for your character's dependence on a substance (or action). Don't forget, addictions can also get worse, or cause side-effects (like social penalties).

If your addiction gets worse because you are continually using, then you can burn-out pretty quickly. Some vices that aren't particularly dangerous of becoming addicted can be much more dangerous if you start out that way because the negative quality gives you a penalty on the resistance tests.


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« Reply #3 on: (15:03:28/01-16-19) »
Addiction also gives you notoriety (page 372 CRB).. Yeah not totally obvious ;)